Jay Round Nest of Tables

When it comes to tables I am a little bit fussy about the sort of things I want in my home, I prefer something that looks a little bit more unusual than the more traditional square or rectangular shaped table. There is a gap in the corner of my lounge and I have been trying to find the perfect nest of tables for quite a while now. Now I can fill the space. I don’t want something too old fashioned; you know the sort that your grandparents or even parents have. Don’t get me wrong there is nothing wrong with them; they are just not what I have in mind. I was beginning to think I would never find what I was after; that perhaps they didn’t exist when I stumbled across the Jay round nest of tables during one of my late-night internet furniture browsing sessions.


These gorgeous round tables have teal tops. Teal is very in vogue at the moment so they look really modern and will fit perfectly with most colour schemes. They are in fact 2 different shades of teal. It is quite hard to tell from the online photos; although it does mention it in the description, but very easy to see when you look at them in person. The natural wooden legs are simple in their design and slot perfectly into the top of the table. This makes a lovely contrast against the teal.

Be warned though, if you are hopeless at even the simplest of DIY tasks then these tables might not be for you as they require assembling at home. A further word of warning, make sure you check that’s the tables match any colour scheme, or fit where you will want them to before assembling them. Next don/t accept returns of part or fully assembled items.

The information on the website suggests that assembly should take about 15 minutes and will require just one person. The timing was pretty spot on for me.  Although I found them a little fiddly, assembling the tables on my own was easy. The large table is 45cm high, 45cm wide and 45cm in depth, the smaller table is a little smaller at 35cm for each dimension.

Ordering from Next

I couldn’t believe how easy it was to order these tables online from Next. Just a couple of simple clicks and your order is complete. There is even a handy little timer on screen which tell you how long you have left to order if you want them the next day. So, if you need to arrange for something to be delivered on your day off them this is a great help. It ensures you can plan carefully. The tables arrived at the promised time and were really well packaged with all the bits included. The instructions were certainly straightforward to understand. This is always a great plus point for me when buying a self-assembly item

If you’re looking for something cute, eye-catching and practical for the living room – these certainly fit the bill.