Slate Platters – The Just Slate Company

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or just simply fancy your evenings cheese board presented in style, The Just Slate Company offer a varied, high quality range of serving ware. Made with slate and wood and accompanied with stylish and quirky accessories they are my dinner party staple. I love a good dinner party,but sometimes struggle to keep the conversation going. However, these slate platters really make for a good talking point as well as being functional – the perfect combination.

Created in workshops in Scotland by skilled craftsmen and women, the slate pieces are hand-cut individually to create contemporary designs. The slate is created from layer upon layer of fine-grained, foliated rock fused together slowly under a low heat and large pressure to form quality pieces.

Rectangular Slate Cheese Board

There’s nothing better than a good cheese board, and Just Slate’s Rectangular Slate Cheese board is the perfect way to serve your cheese. As cheese should be served at room temperature, slate makes a good surface for cheese, as it keeps it just cool enough and stops it overheating.

The cheese board came fully packaged in a nice gift bow – always a nice touch (whether it’s a gift for a friend or yourself). A cool, contemporary style with a traditional texture makes this piece of dining ware a lovely piece to use and to display in your kitchen.

The slate cheese board is covered with a food safe lacquer, and foam backing to protect your coffee table or dining table from scratches and scrapes. The board comes packaged with a care card so you can ensure you look after your new pride and joy for years to come.


To accompany the cheese board, The Just Slate Company do a range of accessories to help make enjoying food and dining with friends even more of a pleasure. With these good quality, stylish pieces you can dress your dinner party table to impress.

Copper Cheese Knife Set

I test drove the Copper Cheese Knife Set, which comprised of two stainless steel cheese knifes with copper plated handles. The knives are easy and comfortable to use and the trendy copper touches are a personal favourite of mine, I particularly love the mismatch knife ends, one square and one circular. These knifes are unfortunately hand wash only, but definitely worth it for special occasions. These pieces also come in a lovely gift box.

Cheese Markers

The Just Slate Company also sell Cheese Markers, as a stylish addition to your cheese board and since I love a quirky accessory, I had to give them a go. This set contains 6 cheese markers, in gold, copper and silver colours. A perfect accompaniment to the copper stainless steel cheese knives (above); the cheese markers have Strong, Mild, Creamy, Soft, Smoky and Hard delicately etched on them so your guests know what they are trying. This little touch is both thoughtful and stylish. It’s the little details that can make a big difference to your dinner table. The Cheese Markers also come in a smart black presentation box, making them a well-presented contemporary gift.

If you love cheese, like me, you’ll know the pleasure of presenting it properly. With the Just Slate Company, you can go ahead and serve your cheese with pride.