The Totem 58 Recycler

Rubbish, and the process of sorting it out into the various different types of recyclable materials and non-recyclable materials, can be a particularly tedious but essential job. We throw away so much rubbish every week. So doing your bit, however small, for the environment can make a big difference. Of course, it really isn’t practical to take each piece of rubbish out to the large bins provided by the council bit by bit. So finding a practical rubbish storage solution for the kitchen is important.

We are fortunate that household recycling can be broken down into several different types. However, this does mean that unless you want to stand next to your main bin and sort your rubbish out outdoors you want something that is reasonably sized and has several different compartments to store the different types of recycling. If I am being honest we would also like it to look quite stylish as well. And, fit in with the rest of our kitchen. But, I am prepared to be realistic on this front, as not all bins are stylish, unfortunately.

Totem 58 Recycler

I believe I might just have found the ultimate recycling solution for my kitchen. I can’t possibly refer to it as a recycling bin though. This is just so much more than a simple bin! At 80cm tall (106cm when the lid is open) the totem 58 recycler has plenty of space for a good amount of recycling. This means you won’t have to empty it every five minutes – a big plus in my book. The recycler has a capacity of 58 litres, the top 2 recycle drawers take 17 litres each and the bottom drawer takes 24 litres. It also comes with a divider. So, if you want, you can create two smaller 12 litres drawers.

Don’t let the height put you off though at just 34cm in depth this recycler is slimline and will fit perfectly at the end of your counter without taking up a huge amount of floor space.

Rubbish can be stylish

The slimline look of the recycler is complemented by the powder-coated steel body of the unit. It comes in both stone and black, both of which fit in well in any modern kitchen colour scheme. The compartments have removable liners that have retaining holes and breather vents. And, they can be fitted with custom-fit liners or even standard sized bin liners. This helps to keep them clean.

The lid is made of sleek fingerprint proof stainless-steel. And, there is even an odour filter fitted.

If, like me, you really like the look of the Totem 58 Recycler, but you have a small kitchen then don’t worry. Jospeh Jospeh stock a smaller version. The 48, as you would expect, holds 48 litres of recycling. Of course, if you have a really large kitchen or just do a lot of recycling then the Totem 60 is probably the model for you.

And if you want to be really coordinated there is also a 4-litre food waste caddy. It really complements the look of the recycler.