May 30, 2024



My name is Lorelei, and I am the editor of! This blog was established back in 2011, and has one predominant aim — to post honest reviews of home, lifestyle and beauty products that are available today on the market, so that other people around the world do not fall prey to aggressive advertisements and false claims.

We, the blogging staff behind this website, always concentrate our attention not only on how good the product is, but also on how it was made, as we believe it’s important to know where the products we buy come from.

Blogging about home, lifestyle and beauty products is not my only occupation, I actually have a full time job, working at an international software development company. In my spare time, I am a customer online and at major stores just like you, constantly looking for innovation for my life and home.

Are reviews honest?

Yes, that was the reason this blog was launched! I always provide my personal experience about the product that I have used, (even if the review was arranged by PR or sponsored by brand representatives). I try to be as specific as possible when naming pros and cons of every product, so you can make up your own mind and decide whether it will work for you or not.

If you are a brand owner or PR and would like to collaborate with or send a product for a review/consideration please contact me for more information. However, please note that I never participate in requests for link exchanges and only very occasionally accept guest posts. If you are interested in becoming a regular contributor to ImpulseBlogger then check out our contributor guidelines first.

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