4 common problems and solutions to elderly care

Finding the right care option for elderly relatives or loved ones is never easy. There are many things to consider in order to find the right level of care which will help your loved ones to continue to lead an independent life but also remain safe and cared for.

The balance is often hard to find but when you have it just right, your relatives will be free to live their golden years happily and healthily. There are some issues which arise when looking at elderly care than many relatives find they come upon more often than others. There we will highlight some of those issues and provide the solutions so that you know how to avoid the pitfalls when looking into home care or other care package options.

Resistance from your relatives

One of the biggest problems you will face is often convincing your elderly relative that they need some extra assistance in the first place. Understandably, your loved ones will want to maintain their independence for as long as possible and admitting that they require some extra care or assistance is very difficult.

To overcome this obstacle you should attempt to foresee it and begin talking about care options for the elderly as early as possible. Introducing them to the idea of having someone come to help out with chores before care become absolutely necessary can help ease your loved one into the idea rather than forcing it on them when the need become urgent.

Choosing the right level of care

There are a wealth of care options out there ranging from hourly visits a few times a day to the home, live-in care and residential care home. The latter is often the last option for most elderly people and reserved for those who need more continuous care.

Deciding upon the right level of care for a loved one should depend on how much help they need to be safe and healthy as well as maintaining their dignity. Many find that live in carers bridge the gap between lower care packages and residential home and make a great middle ground.

Finding the right carer

It is important that your relative or loved one is happy with the person who is caring for them. Getting a good personality match is essential as these carer/carers is likely to be spending large amounts of time with them as well possibly completing very personal tasks. Interview several carers with your relative to find the best match but if your relative and the carer do not hit it off then do not be afraid to find another one as your relative’s happiness is paramount.


While it is important to ensure that the level of care your relative has is right, it is important to also choose a care package which is financially viable in the long-run. Your relative may be entitled to some social help to fund a care package but this will need investigating. Remember, this care package may be in place for years and so you need to ensure that you have chosen a package which is within budget.