Carmen Table Lamp – Traditional Yet…

It’s not really a secret that I love looking at, and finding, the perfect accessories for my home. I want everything to be just right. So, taking my time to find exactly what I want is really important to me. When I see the right item, I know instantly that it is the one for me. And, It usually matches the image I have in my head before I start looking. To my surprise when I was looking for a table lamp I fell in love with something that wasn’t at all what I was looking for.

Carmen Table Lamp

I have to be honest. At first glance, I really wasn’t sure that this was at all what I was looking for. But then it really grew on me and I had to go back to take another look at it. The Carmen table lamp is available to purchase from Perch & Parrow via their website. They are based in London and sell a wide selection of accessories and furniture for the home.

The lamp itself is a good size for a table lamp.  It stands 62 centimetres high, the size of the shade is approximately 30.5 x 30.5 centimetres. The proportions are really good and the shade isn’t too big, or too small, for the base. The base of the lamp is made of brass. Therefore, it is nice and heavy and makes a great statement piece on my side table. The shade is a nice sleek black material which works really well with the brass.

The lamp has a pineapple as part of the base. Now, I have to admit I was looking for something very plain. But, this just works. The pineapple isn’t too big as to be overpowering on the lamp but it is big enough to make a real design statement. The lamp is priced at £60 and whilst this might seem a little too much to pay for a lamp it is a really sturdy and well-made item, well worth the price tag.

Shop the Trend

I will confess I was curious about the inclusion of the pineapple in the design so I did a little bit of research and it is fair to say that we could be seeing more pineapples popping up all over the place as they are really on trend at the moment. I don’t always follow the current trends but in the case of the Carmen table lamp I am more than happy to make the exception.

Having ordered my lamp, I sat back to wait for my delivery and I wasn’t disappointed when it arrived. This is a stunning lamp, even more so in person than in the images that won me over. Perch & Parrow say shipping time is 3 days and my lamp arrived in good time and was well packaged. Delivery was reasonably priced as well at just £4.99.

This is one purchase that surprised me, I don’t often stray from the image I have in my head of what I am looking for, but in this instance, I am really glad I did.