Joseph Joseph 9 Piece Nest

Once I had decided to give making my own pizzas a go I decided to invest in some good quality items of baking equipment for my kitchen. I was looking for mixing bowls and measuring spoons, that sort of thing. The problem is even when it comes to the practical items, I really want things that will look great in my home. They shouldn’t just fill the practical requirements but also have a design element. There are lots of mixing bowls out there. However, I noticed that the majority were white plastic or glass and they really didn’t make me want to buy them.

I love colours, vibrant splashes of colour that can add a real something to whatever room in my home I need them for so I set out to scour the internet for bowls and measuring spoons that would do just that.

Joseph Joseph Nest

It didn’t take me as long as I thought it would before I found the Joseph Joseph Nest. The Nest consists of nine pieces; five measuring cups which range in size from 1 teaspoon up to 1 cup, a large 4.5 litre non-slip mixing bowl, a 0.5 litre non-slip mixing bowl, 1 stainless steel mesh sieve and 1 colander. All of the items which snap together to create a space-saving storage system are made of sturdy dishwasher safe plastic, and best of all each item is a different vibrant colour, so when they are all stacked together they make a lovely rainbow pattern.

All of the items in the Nest have handy pouring spouts and handles to help make all those kitchen tasks a little bit easier. The ability to stack them means that they work really well when you don’t have much storage space in your kitchen, although I have to admit they look so pretty I leave mine of the worksurface because I like seeing the bright colours! And if you are lucky enough to have a dishwasher then all the items are dishwasher safe so there isn’t lots of washing up to do after a baking session.

Where to Buy?

I found the Joseph Joseph Nest online at House of Fraser but you could also pop into the store to buy one if you are lucky enough to have one nearby. It is quite expensive at £46 but the quality is fantastic and I can see if lasting for a long time which in my book makes it worthy of the price tag. If you buy online then delivery will cost you an extra £3.95, unless you add something else to your order to bump it over £50 in which case delivery would be free.

Who knows now I have this beautiful set of bowls and measures I might be persuaded to venture into the kitchen a little more and see what else I can make just so that I get to see all those lovely colours dotted around my kitchen.