Nice and Cheap, But Not Healthy Lunch

For those who are looking to eat really cheap somewhere in the deep province of Czech Republic, the traditional Czech restaurants will probably be the best idea. Yesterday I was invited to the Zorba for a “greek” plate of food. I really must mention that when I was in Greece I also got to eat Czech food there, so I see there is a real competition between who will imitate which cousin better…

This is what was served to me as a part of my invitation…


It’s definitely greek, taste and very deliciously marinated meat (I wasn’t a vegetarian for that day…). A plate that is more than enough to feed two, so since I had no friend to share it with, I asked to pack the remains (which was really 3/4 of the plate) and took it back to hotel, where I was more than delighted to finish it up later on, when watching TV.

The atmosphere is really nice, here is the outside view:


Inside it’s cosy, warm, dim light, romantic and typical country-side feel, which I really like. I am sure if you are ever there, you will enjoy your time there!