Our Review of Dior Diorshow Iconic Mascara

I’m in my late 20’s, and much to my chagrin, my lashes simply aren’t as long and lush as they used to be. I’m always trying dozens of different mascaras, searching for one that will give me the length I want. This one is the absolute BEST! When I first started wearing it, I received several compliments on how lovely my lashes looked!

It literally doubles the length of my lashes. It also defines and separates so that lashes never look clumpy or unnatural. I’ve found that if I apply it with a twirling motion starting at the roots of my eyelashes and moving upward, it gives my lashes a very nice curl (I hate eyelash curlers and hardly ever use them) that lasts all day. If applied right, this mascara leaves no lash behind, even the long lashes at the outer corner of my eye are doubled in length–a great way to get that cat-eyes look without even having to use eyeliner!
I have very sensitive eyes and wear contacts and many mascaras have really irritated my eyes.


This one has never given me any problems. Once applied, it doesn’t smudge or streak. More importantly, it never flakes so I don’t have to worry about getting little pieces in my eyes like I do with so many other mascaras. It also is easily removed with the right eye makeup remover and I don’t lose as many lashes when removing it as I do with other mascaras.

Christian Dior DiorShow Iconic High Definition Lash Curler Mascara - #090 Black 10ml/0.33oz

The only not-so-great thing about this mascara is that it doesn’t give you much of an increase in volume. For me, the increase and length and definition make for a great classic, everyday look, but for special occasions I want my eye makeup to be a little more dramatic. On these occasions, I like to use another mascara along with this one to increase volume (tarte’s “lights, camera, lashes!” works well.) So if length is more of an issue for you than volume, I definitely recommend this mascara. If you want to bump up the volume too, then I’d recommend using it along with a volumizing mascara. I know it’s expensive and the price seems a little ridiculous for a tube of mascara. But believe me, you get what you pay for, and it ends up being worth every penny.

I love DiorShow Iconic Mascara, which works really well with my long black lashes. With DiorShow Iconic Mascara people have often asked if my lashes are real. The brush helps to fan out my lashes, while the mascara defines them. I don’t wear it during the day, because I don’t want everyone to think I wear false lashes, and that’s the look I get with this. I truly get a glamorous look with this mascara, something I rarely get with others. I only need one coat for perfect lashes. Despite knowing how good this is, I constantly try every new mascara that becomes available, always in search of the next best thing. However, I haven’t found anything better than the Dior mascaras, including this Iconic for evenings.

I recently tried DiorShow Iconic Mascara in Navy Blue instead of my regular choice of Noir, which is a very rich black. I used the Navy Blue with a copper shadow, which I used wet to line my eyes and dry on the lids. It was a very simple application that took at most slightly more than a minute. I got a huge amount of compliments that night. I tried this look again with black mascara, and failed to get as much attention.

DIOR Diorshow Iconic Mascara

Curious, I wondered if the difference might be the Navy Blue vs Noir, which really doesn’t look blue at night, given that it’s coating my very black lashes, but does apply more like a midnight shade. There has to be something about it, because I experimented with my husband (he’s used to this) using the Navy Blue on one eye, and the Noir on the other. While he couldn’t define the difference either, he said that the eye with Navy Blue clearly looked more glamorous. That difference in shade apparently does make a major difference. Being even more curious, I compared this brand to another brand, both in blue, and clearly, there was a major difference. The bottom line is that there’s nothing better than Dior. It’s so easy to see the difference in side by side comparisons.

I was already very impressed with the original Diorshow Blackout… but the Iconic does give a lovely separation and length. The brush is large, but much easier to use on your bottom lashes than the Diowshow original.
DiorShow Iconic Mascara is my favorite nighttime mascara. It adds glamor to my lashes, and to my look, and it doesn’t smear or smooch. It’s perfect at night.