Our Review of Garnier Micellar Water

Choosing the perfect makeup remover, usually takes a lot of time and effort: one beauty product dries the skin, the other – it causes redness, third – not quite effective. Add to this the aggressive influence of tap water when washing. Brand Garnier radically solved the problem by issuing a versatile product for removing makeup and delicate facial cleansing – micellar water. As part of the “smart” water no parabens and fragrances, and with the problems it copes quickly and without unpleasant consequences even for sensitive skin.


The principle of action of the micellar water Garnier simple – tiny micelles, like a magnet, attract the particles of makeup and dirt without damaging the natural protective layer of the skin. Just dab the micellar water a cotton pad and gently, without excessive friction, clean skin, not washing agent at the end of the procedure – micelles do their job, giving the skin clean and fresh. Also in the lineup Garnier provides micellar water for skin prone to the appearance of imperfections (look on the package “Pure Skin” inscription). It not only helps to remove makeup and remove impurities, but also is responsible for the T-zone of matting.

Versatility – another plus micellar water Garnier: It is suitable for removing makeup from her face like, and eye and lip. More problems – more money flow, so Garnier provided for one pack an impressive amount of 400 mL. The tool promises to be indispensable in the arsenal of beauty of any girl and radically change the concept of “soft” skin cleansing.