Small changes to make for a healthier 2020

If you have already made the decision that 2020 will be the year that sees a new and healthier you then you have already made one small change that will lead you along the right path. That was easy, wasn’t it! Not every change that you can make to your life in order to become healthier needs to be a drastic step. All those little things can add up to make a huge overall change. Making a huge change can seem daunting though, which is why so many people begin the new year determined to become healthier but fail after just a short time.

If you make lots of little changes, things that don’t take much time and don’t really seem like you are actually doing that much different with your life then you should not find them too difficult to stick with. Soon, all these little changes will begin to make a difference and before you know it you will be looking at a new and healthier you.


You do not have to join a gym to start getting more exercise. Start with the little things. If you work in an office with a lift, start using the stairs instead. If you catch the bus, then get off a few stops early and walk the rest of the way. Invest in a step counter or a fitness watch and see how many steps you do each day. Challenge yourself to do a certain number every day,  and increase the number when you can. Go for a walk at the weekend with your family or even invest in a bicycle and go for a bike ride together. Little steps can really make a huge difference, and pretty soon you should start to notice that your fitness level is improving, and you might even notice a difference on the scales as well.


If you drink full-fat milk, swap it for semi-skimmed. Where you have sugar in hot drinks, try to reduce the amount you use, or maybe eventually cut it out altogether. If you want to lose weight then take a look at what a portion size really is. You will usually find this on the side of the packaging. Weigh out a portion and compare it to what you normally have and the difference might surprise you. You don’t need to try an expensive diet supplement, you don’t even need to join a diet group, although some people do find the support helpful, all you need to do is pay close attention to the amount that you actually eat.

Add more fruit and vegetables to your diet, along with lean healthy proteins and make sure that you drink plenty of water.


If you want to make this year the year you get healthy then go for it. Set your goals and work towards them. If big goals like losing a lot of weight make it hard for you then set lots of mini goals, there is no right or wrong way of doing this; only the way that works for you.