Stackers London – Jewellery box

I wasn’t that long ago, and I am a little ashamed to admit this, that I realised all my jewellery lives in a collection of small jeweller’s boxes. And, in the case of the majority of my earrings, on a small decorative dish. If I couldn’t find what I was looking for, and that happened quite a lot I would simply pick something else. I always promised myself that one day I would treat myself to something far more grown up, a proper way to store my jewellery. Somewhere that I would be able to find both my favourite earrings at the same time instead of only ever being able to find just the one. So, there it is my confession. Determined to do something about it, I started my search on the internet. Surprisingly, it is difficult to find a jewellery box in most of the high-street stores that I visited.

The perfect combination

I knew as soon as I spotted the jewellery boxes available from Stackers London that my search was over. No more compromising on a jewellery box. Stackers have plenty of space for earrings and space for necklaces or other bits and pieces. This allows you to create and customise the perfect jewellery box combination for you.

The process is simple. To create your perfect jewellery box, you begin by picking a colour. There are 6 solid colours and 3 combinations of colours that are available. My personal favourite is Dove grey with mint. The next decision is the size you need; Mini, classic or supersize. Your choice here will govern what kind of internal storage you can fit. At this point I want to mention the really cool feature of the website. The image on the screen changes to reflect your choices as you make them. So, you can see the box taking shape before your eyes. Next comes the storage layers, a lidded stacker, section stacker and charm stackers to mention just a few from the 8 different options. All you have to do is figure out which combination works best for you.


Someone has really put a lot of thought into what sort of storage might be useful in a jewellery box. There is also a great range of accessories you can add to your box once you have finished choosing the layers you want. Special trays to store your glasses in, clever little storage bars to pop all your charms on, this one look particularly useful for anyone who loves charm bracelets, and watch cushions. If you want to personalise your box even further then you can choose to have a wooden lid instead of a coloured one. The combinations appear endless. I should know I am still building my ultimate box, the problem is there are just so many choices and combinations, and I have so much jewellery maybe I should actually just create a second one whilst I am at it.