Testing Different Mascaras Scientifically

I’m sure many women are not just faced with the problem of choosing the perfect mascara. impulseblogger.com reviews surveyed more than 500 women’s from Prague, to find out what will happen to the average Czech woman on the mascara. Our survey showed that all at once! It prefers mascara with integrated effects About 38% of the fair sex. In the opinion of these women, the best mascara – one that extends, increases the volume and curls. 30% of women, obviously happy with the length of the eyelashes, and only wants to increase the volume, and 25% – prefer the natural way, choosing liquid consistency lengthening mascara.


Find the universal ink, which would give the best effect on all types of eyelashes is not so simple. Moreover, in addition to the main effect, which gives the ink, there are many other requirements that must fulfill high quality ink. For example, we can say with certainty that the ink does not stick together eyelashes, showered and flow of tears and moisture. Read more about this you can read in our Guide buyer on mascara.

In order to choose the best mascara impulseblogger.com team tested the most popular models of mascaras. We did not focus on the price and how to purchase, so the tests were subjected to the representatives of luxury brands and mass market, as well as mascara, which are purchased through catalogs. Experts tested the mascara on four parameters: the opacity, brush and bottle, the external effect and durability. The test took 45 women aged from 20 to 50 years with different types of lashes. For accurate and indicative of the results, experts tested every mascara on the eyelashes of three types: long, hard, short-medium hardness and rare soft.

Types of brushes for mascara


Here are some interesting results of tests (for more details, refer to the rating of mascara):

A high price does not always mean good quality. Thus, for example, mascara Lancome Hypnose Drama (.. Approximately 180 rubles per ml) was one of the worst: it leaves a large number of lumps, runs away from moisture and strong crumble during the day. While fiscal mascara Rimmel Extra Super Lash (approx. 18 rubles. Per ml, which is 10 times cheaper mascara from Lancome!) Provides a beautiful visual effect combined with good resistance.
The most spectacular extension showed the luxury Helena Rubinstein Spectacular extension (approx. 303 rub. Per ml) and cheap Rimmel Lash Accelerator (approx. 38 rubles. Per ml), they are best suited to owners of short thick lashes. But the ink with a promising name of L’Oreal Paris Telescopic clean definition, unfortunately, is only slightly lengthens lashes, she was one of the worst in this respect.
As for the volume, then there was the best mascara Guerlain Noir G de Guerlain, she not only gives a good amount, but also significantly lengthens. But the ink with a long history of Max Factor 2000 Calorie little disappointed, its external effect on the results of our tests, was average – have volume and elongation, but just a little bit.
The best in our tests proved mascara Estee Lauder Sumptuous Bold Volume, it is suitable for all types of lashes. Firstly, it is fully consistent with the declared on the packaging effect: the volume and bending. Secondly, mascara lengthens very well and increases the volume, while leaves little lumps. It is well distributed over the lashes and will not let in the rain.
Popular among Russian women mascara Maybelline New York The Colossal Volume Express has not shown outstanding results. Yes, it gives a good visual effect, not only increases the volume but also lengthens lashes. However, this mascara eyelash glues hopeless, was not up to par, and resistant – mascara crumbles and flows of moisture. Much better results in our tests showed less popular ink of the same manufacturer Maybelline New York Define-a-lash. It benefits from spectacular elongation and good resistance.
Almost all carcasses smell the same, but there are instances that pleasantly surprised perfumed aroma – it Guerlain Noir G de Guerlain and Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils.


Detailed test results, see the rating mascara. How we test mascara?

Expert impulseblogger.com applies mascara to the test group participant

We explored the popular model in Russia, including those distributed through network marketing. Each ink we evaluated on criteria such as opacity, odor, ease of bottle and brush, the external effect and durability. The tests also involved 45 women aged from 20 to 50 years with different types of lashes.
Bottle and brush

We assessed how evenly distributed over the ink brush, as it affects its application to the eyelashes. We also saw, whether brush pulls a “tail” in the form of excess, to find out how thought out design of the bottle. Mascara received the maximum number of points, if the bottle neck in line with the size of the brush, and the brush is not pulled out of surplus and apply mascara evenly.

The shape of the brush has not been evaluated, since different types of brushes fit different eyelashes. We also appreciated how easy it closes the vial, and whether there is a mechanism that allows you to tighten the cap until it clicks.

Another interesting metric that we measure is the amount of ink, which extracts the brush. To do this, we weighed the clean brush and brush, mascara treated. This allowed us to assess the consistency of the ink. It is known that the amount of dense ink increases and, as a rule, such a mascara brush pulls more than 0.25 grams. While liquid mascara lengthens lashes and keeps the natural look it on the brush is not much – less than 0.15 grams.

Measurements of the amount of ink, which extracts the on brush externally.

The external effect is assessed by a test group. We looked at how different models of carcasses act on different types of lashes. The tests ranged lashes soft, their thickness and length. We considered as mascara lengthens and increases the volume, looking at the presence of lumps and gluing eyelashes. Ink, which gave spectacular lengthening and volume without lumps and adhesion on all types of lashes got maximum points.

The studies did not participate items labeled as waterproof, so the tests were carried out for moisture resistant models. We put ink on a glass slide and placed in a beaker with a magnetic stirrer. Mascara, which is not washed off within 5 minutes, received the maximum number of points.

Resistance mascara during the day we checked in the test group member. Women with different types of eyelash mascara used for two weeks, and described how she bravely held on.