Top beauty images of the Oscar ceremony 2016

Despite the fact that the focus of the 88th ceremony of “Oscar” was Leonardo DiCaprio, it was hard to ignore the brightest of Hollywood beauties. Historically, the red carpet’s main film awards – the best podium, which will dictate the major trends of the season spring-summer 2016, not only in fashion but also in hair and makeup. In a review of the brightest beauty-reviews ceremony “Oscar-2016”.

Jennifer Lawrence

Дженнифер Лоуренс

In each new input 25-year-old Jennifer Lawrence harder to see the smiles broadly starlet, who a couple of years ago, fell awkwardly on the stairs, rising for the first in my life, “Oscar.” Repainted in a platinum blonde and ventured a radical haircut, pixie, over time, the girl is still beginning to prefer the time-tested classics. Tint Hair actress retained, but the boyish hairdo decided to change to a more elegant square – and not lost. Now, at social events, Jennifer increasingly appears careless or beach waves, or perfectly stretched strands as at the last ceremony. The make-up the star make-up artists, as a rule, emphasize the eyes, visually enhancing them with black and gray and smoky smoky. The lips of the actress are virtually untouched, except for a small amount of pink lip gloss.

Charlize Theron

Шарлиз Терон

Recognized red carpet diva Charlize Theron once again struck fans is incredibly feminine and elegant way. Bright and spectacular red dress on the floor make-up artists completed the most low-key make-up in pastel shades. By flawlessly smooth tone they picked peach blush that harmoniously highlighted cheekbones actress and lips caused nyudovogo lipstick hue, visually adding volume to them. The eye make-up the main emphasis was laid on thick and long lashes, make the eyes look beautiful even more wide open and expressive. The final touch – a little brown shadow on a moving century in combination with a lighter shade under the brow.

Margot Robbie

Марго Робби

Appearance Australian beauty rarely needs extra special effects. On the red carpet film award Margot Robbie came from careless beach in waves, like a gathering on “Oscar” took her no more than 15 minutes. Elegant in its simplicity echoed hairstyle and discreet make-up, stressing the natural beauty of the actress. Perfectly smooth, radiant tone in combination with a liquid highlighter and pale pink blush to create the effect rested and as if illuminated from the inside of the skin, which became the basis for a luxurious way of Margot. Lightly tinted eyebrow pencil and mascara lashes perfectly traced shifted the emphasis in the make-up on her eyes and lips soft completed image, adding his sensuality and romance.

Miranda Kerr

Миранда Керр

Beauty Miranda Kerr loves to be the center of attention: the afterparty for the ceremony “Oscar” supermodel chose a frank dress bright red color with an uncountable number of cuts. Bold beauty outfit decided to beat no less spectacular make-up, the main focus of which was placed on the girl’s lips. Matt scarlet lipstick properly in harmony with soft peach blush on the apples of cheeks “angel» Victoria’s Secret. Eyes model remained virtually without makeup: makeup artists have caused a bit nude shadows and twirled eyelashes using curling irons.

Alicia Vikander

Алисия Викандер

Another undisputed victor of last ceremony, Alicia Vikander, the season looked confident on the red carpets of various film awards. When choosing makeup and hairstyles for the ceremony “Oscar”, which became fatal in the life of a young actress, stylists did not experiment, and have relied on the natural beauty of the girl: a shock of brown hair, only lightly touched by means of styling, stacked to one side, in make-up – Full Nude with a barely noticeable emphasis on the corners of the eyes.

Saoirse Ronan

Сирша Ронан

Once one of the contenders for the title of best actress in 2016, Saoirse Ronan beginning to speak more confidently on the red carpets of various film awards. So, for the culmination of the ceremony “Oscar” makeup artists chosen for the actress nudes usual make-up with bright sole emphasis on the eyes. When selecting stacking stylists have relied on not losing its popularity negligence element in the whole way: Saoirse backcombed hair slightly tousled locks and stacked.

Naomi Watts

Наоми Уоттс

At the ceremony “Oscar” beautiful actress presented the image in the best tradition of old Hollywood. Hair, elegantly arranged on one side and a classic scarlet lipstick – timeless classics that never go out of style.

Olivia Wilde

Оливия Уайлд

The image of the Greek goddess tried on Olivia Wilde. To exit on the red carpet “Oscar” actress chose a low-key makeup nudes in pastel colors. The main attention was paid to hair – stylish weaving, in a bun at the nape.