April 16, 2024

7 thoughts on “Is Your Posture Making You Ill?

  1. It is so important to be aware of our posture, especially with increasing numbers of us leading more sedentary desk-bound lives in front of a computer screen.

    I find Pilates really helps be both be aware of my posture and improve it.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more Irene about Pilates. I prioritise my weekly Pilates session above everything else because I know if I don’t go I will start to get upper back aches and pains – all due to bad posture

  2. Interesting that our posture can impact on mental well-being. Maybe it turns out that my granny’s old saying “healthy body, healthy mind” could have some truth in it.

    Thanks for the simple tips to improve posture – I’m already using them.

    1. Sometimes the simple tips are the best – they are easy to follow – no big deal. And I agree with your granny that we could all benefit in terms of our mental health if we just kept our bodies healthier. I wish I hadn’t had that chocolate bar at lunchtime today!

  3. Definitely true that our physical state has an impact on our mental state. Even just getting out in the fresh air (especially if you can see nature and greenery around you) can combat depression better than any prescription medication.

    1. In the UK the National Trust have installed fitness trails through many of their beautiful properties (all open to the public) in a collaboration with the National Health Service to encourage people to do just that – get out into nature as a way of improving mental well-being without the need for medication. For those living in cities it is so important to try and see something of nature – even a trip to the local park can help.

  4. very useful article and we should all take much more notice of how we are standing and sitting to maintain good health

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