When summer just started, I was looking to switch my skin care routine, to adjust to the very hot days and nights, especially since we have no air conditioner in our current apartment. What works perfect at winter (or even doesn’t work good enough) – can make me an “oil goddess” at summer time, so I always have to adjust, just like  we take our flowers in and out during warm and cold season, I have to switch the jars in my bathroom. However, unfortunately, summer only lasts for 3 months here, and already in September cold weather will kick in again, so I don’t need too much of “summer products”. I guess that is the advantage of cold weather, most of the year you only have your face out in the public, you can nicely neglect the rest of your body.

So… Back to this cream. I bought both night and day version, both for combination skin, so they were labelled “gel”. While the day cream has a very pleasant smell of citrus yogurt, the night cream appears to be more herbal to me (which I must say I didn’t particularly like, but could bear with it as long as it produces results.. This cream has no anti aging properties, and although the Biotherm associate at the counter tried to advice me, convincing me that it will “also” help with wrinkles, according to the online resources and their own website, it is just a moisturizer for women at their early 20’s. I, at my 30’s, should have got the “age fitness” which is against first wrinkles, and I feel a little let down by the fact that their own consultant lead me astray and I can’t really see why? Wouldn’t she benefit more from the fact that I would get a more intensive cream, which will produce more aggressive results? Anyways, after the first application I discovered that both creams are extremely, and I repeat – extremely LIGHT in texture. If you have oily or combination skin, or looking for a super light cream for the hot summer days, you are absolutely going to love it, otherwise they have the “cream” version for dry skin types, but I personally haven’t tried those, so I cannot say how much thicker is it going to be.

The gel literally melts into the skin, disappearing in seconds and leaving my skin feeling plumped and moisturized. Despite being so light and fresh, it does a good job hydrating the skin throughout the entire day, so I don’t get dry and I don’t get oily, I guess it’s a perfect combination. On the other hand, it since it’s so fast absorbing, I noticed that I use more product than I normally do with other creams, so it will probably go empty faster but I can’t say I mind, since it’s not THAT expensive (under $50 in my area)

Whatever has been said about the night cream can echo when it comes to the day cream version, it’s even lighter and I totally love the fresh fruity / yogurt scent. I don’t think I will repurchase, simply because I want to give a try to the Biotherm Age Fitness cream, which I feel is more suitable for my aging needs, but other than that, I definitely recommend it.

Pros: Lightweight, fast absorbing, 97% natural ingredients, no parabens or harmful substances

Cons: Need to use more than usual amount,

Results: The skin is smooth, plumped and moisturized throughout the day. Though it’s not desiged to fight fine lines, they do look minimized thanks to the never ending cycle of hydration.