Boux Avenue Scented Drawer Sachets

Boux Avenue is one of the fairly new guys on the block that offers affordable yet absolutely gorgeous high quality lingerie collections for the discerning woman’s boudoir. They also offer a good range of swimwear and bridal-wear and again, at prices that won’t rock the boat too much. Their beauty and fragrance collection is wonderful but what I love though are their scented drawer sachets because I do love my lingerie drawers to smell divine.

The White Chiffon Collection

Most of us probably pay quite a bit of money for our lingerie. This is why we like to take the best care we can to keep our underwear looking good as new and smelling fabulous. The scented drawer sachets from Boux Avenue are perfect for scattering around. If you are a fan of fruity scents or you prefer something stronger and more dramatic wafting around your bedroom then these may not be for you. But really, who can resist the scent of lily, jasmine and elderflower? This is Boux Avenue’s signature fragrance. The very names summon up a picture of warm summer days. Imagine a gentle breeze softly blowing through your hair as you lay in your garden hammock listening to birdsong.

Effective scent that looks great

But I digress. The sweet little white sachets are filled with tiny scented balls which are so much neater than pot pourri. It also holds a scent for much longer. These ones from Boux Avenue do seem to last for many weeks. The wonderful thing is that you can also get the same fragrance in a room spray. Now, you can spray this scent around your room, spritzing a little onto the sachets to re-energise the scent. Because the fragrance in the sachets is so generously effective you can get away with just one in each average-sized drawer. They are in the form of drawstring bags so you could also hang them in your wardrobe or closet and keep all your seldom worn items fresh.


You may be given a couple of sample sachets free if you spend over a certain amount in store. However, the good news is they only cost around £2-3  per sachet anyway. At that price you could buy enough of them to fragrance every drawer in the house if you wanted. Such excellent value for money is not to be sneezed at!

The range

If you love the smell of lily, jasmine and elderflower then you’ll be pleased to know that Boux Avenue do too. They  have incorporated it into their body-wash, hand wash, hand cream, mini diffuser and scented candle range. But if you don’t want to go too overboard with it you could also try a mini purse spray. This comes in a handy 10ml size – perfect for popping into your bag  whenever you need a quick freshen-up.

At these prices you get a good quality product in a classic packaging that does the job to perfection!