Disappointed Review of Diorsnow D–NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate

A month ago I have purchased the Diorsnow D–NA Reverse White Reveal Night Concentrate –  whitening serum and after using it for straight month I thought I am in a good position to write a proper review of this product.  If you are too lazy to read through the entire the review I will cut it short for you and say that this “DNA reversal product” didn’t work…This review also includes the DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield Compact Makeup SPF 30, which I bought together with the night serum, mainly because I liked the color and the skin smoothing properties.

What it is:
A brightening night serum featuring Icelandic glacial water and Dior’s exclusive Transparency Enhancing Complex.

What it is formulated to do:
This powerful night concentrate helps reverse the chain reaction at the origin of melanin production to brighten the skin, while correcting and preventing the appearance of dark spots. Powered by Dior’s exclusive Transparency Enhancing Complex, a patented blend of natural ingredients, this unique formula targets DNA to visibly improve the five features that contribute to the skin’s ability to reflect light: evenness, luminosity, moisture, texture, and plumpness. Skin is left brighter and the complexion is illuminated with a flawless radiance that is intensified day after day.

christian-dior-diorsnow-d-na-reverse-night-concentrate-0I will start off by saying that this product costs no less than $200 in my area (maybe a tiny bit cheaper, but I got it discounted anyway, so I don’t know the exact full price). So, for this money I would lie if I say I didn’t expect it to do at least something. Before starting the treatment I took a close up pictures of my face from different angles so I could compare it after 2 weeks and after 4 weeks and see the picture as it is. No, there is no difference. I bought it primarily because I had a great deal of sun spots (yes, because I was baking myself in the sun for countless hours without a sunscreen) and some old acne scars on my cheeks. I could leave with the acne scars since I had them for over 14 years now, but the sun spots begun to get on my nerves since they required higher and higher coverage with time. If a few years ago i could go out with just a little bit of powder and look fresh and young, now I needed a “fundamental” foundation before I even think of popping out.

My overall skin tone looks better so I believe it did manage to handle the smaller and paler sun spots that were laying in between the bigger and the more prominent ones, and I feel the acne scars got a tiny bit paler (but that is really from comparing the photos up close, it’s not actually a noticeable difference).  I still have a face covered with sun spots allover and I still need to lay high coverage foundation to conceal all this clown-age on my face.

Maybe it’s important to add though, that I was only 2 products from this line, and that is the night serum and the DiorSnow White Reveal Foundation (020 light beige, compact [powder] version), which probably does not come packed with too many whitening properties but it has SPF 30 PA++ and absolutely stunning glowy effect on my skin, I am actually so grateful I have discovered this foundation, knowing that Dior occasionally discontinues their newly-launched lines, I have purchased 3 (!!!) just to stock up – this foundation is absolutely spectacular. Just like all Dior foundations it offers a high coverage without making your face heavy or looking “masky”, but at the same time looking so light, glowy (without being oily or shimmery). This is an absolutely unbelievable, beautiful balance that I never seen before.


After the  application,  it looks matte, and pretty ordinary, but once it mixes with your skin oil, or with the moisture outside (or, you can spray a little bit of mineral water to speed up this process) — it becomes so glowy and dewy, I wish I could describe it in words, but you can see me wearing it in this video and judge for yourself. This is just in natural light, no lamps or video enhancers.  So, to sum up the foundation is a masterpiece!

DiorSnow White Reveal UV Shield Compact Makeup SPF 30 is a satiny powder foundation inspired by the exceptional properties of fresh fallen snow immediately intensifies complexion with a fresh opalescent & flawless glow, offers superior protection while preserving skin’s transparency.


Probably if I was to use the entire line, which includes a cleanser, a toner, a day and night cream, day and night serum, and about a dozen of products in between — the effect would have been more prominent and fast, but since I only had the night serum (which I read was the most powerful product in the entire line), I can’t comment on any mind blowing results, sadly.

110076-DIOR-Dior Snow 2012

If you read this blog, you know that I am a huge fan of Dior’s makeup – but this is the second product in their skin care line that fails to impress me, to say the least. I do regret spending $140 (that’s the “discounted” price I paid) for a product that provided close to zero results. It has no anti aging properties, in fact, during the treatment, my skin was a little drier and slightly more sensitive, which I thought I would gladly tolerate, since it would indicate upcoming results. False alarm.

At the time of writing this review I saw that they have discontinued this exact product, and have re-branded it a little, improving the formula and changing the package to light one. Probably there were more complains about this one not working, but obviously I am not going to spend this much money again just to give it a go, at this point I feel I would rather invest in a high-potency anti aging treatment that will smooth out the skin and stick to the White Reveal foundation to cover the imperfections.

Have you tried this product? Did it work for you? I would love to hear your opinions.