Dunelm’s Teddy Bear Red Throw

I don’t know what’s up with our weather at all, as soon as we hit September the temperatures dropped and to be honest it felt like October had come early. If you are anything like me then a sudden drop in temperature that early in the year will see you reaching for a jumper and a pair of socks rather than turning the heating up. After all heating prices are rising all the time so turning the heating on early can be rather costly.

There has to be another alternative to bundling on the layers until you feel like you resemble the Michelin Man and I have been searching for the perfect solution. I have been looking for a good throw for my living room for a while now and I think that I might have finally found the perfect one.

A Splash of Colour

Throws are a great way of adding a touch of your own personality to your lounge without doing anything permanent, you can even get a couple so that you can change the look of your room really quickly. And of course, they are perfect for when the weather turns cooler because you can just grab them to snuggle up under on your sofa without resorting to layers of extra clothing or turning your heating up.

Searching for the right throw turned out to be much harder than I thought it would be. I wanted something that was going to add a real splash of colour to my lounge, that would be wonderfully soft and fluffy, and most importantly was easy to clean because it’s easy to spill things! Of course, the ability to tumble dry it as well would be a real bonus as getting things dry in the winter months can sometimes be a bit of an issue.

Teddy Bear Red Throw

I finally found my perfect throw at Dunelm, the Teddy Bear brand red throw is perfect. The red is a perfect vibrant shade which works really well in my living room and gives it a great colour boost, it is ultra-soft and snuggly, so great for those cooler evening and maybe best of all it is machine washable and can go in the tumble drier so exactly what I was looking for.

It comes in two sizes as well so perfect for over an armchair or a sofa. The small size is 130cm x 180cm and the larger throw is 220cm x 220cm. The price tag is perfect as well, just £10 for the smaller throw and £20 for the large throw so that really helps stretch the monthly budget.

If red isn’t quite your colour then don’t worry Dunelm stock a number of Teddy Bear throws, the same sizes and fluffiness just different colours. And with such a great price tag, and Christmas just around the corner they also make fantastic presents that everyone will love.