Elevate™ Knives Carousel – For Grown-Ups

There is something about owning your own place that can make you want to be just that little bit more grown up. You find yourself doing things you didn’t really do before. Learning new skills and most importantly enjoying them. For me, one of those new found loves stems from having a kitchen that I could really call my own. I have discovered that I rather like cooking. I will admit it’s partly from necessity. After all, if I want to buy lovely things for my home then cooking helps me to save some money. But, also there is something inherently soothing about creating my meals from scratch.

Of course, if you want to cook properly then the right tools are essential to make the job easier. And, a good set of knives was very high on the list of items that I felt I needed to buy. The problem is there are so many sets of knives on the market and the prices really do vary. So just how do you work out which set are the best ones for your needs without spending too much money? Especially when you are quite new to cooking.

What Sort of Knives do You Need?

This was the question that got me started. I wanted a good selection of knives, in different sizes so that I would have most cutting jobs covered in the kitchen. I did a little bit of research first and decided I needed to look for a paring knife, a chef’s knife and a bread knife. This was as an absolute minimum for my kitchen. I really liked the idea of buying a set of knives that came with a storage block. I am a little bit clumsy and didn’t really fancy cutting my finger getting a sharp knife out of the kitchen drawer.

Add a Touch of Style

There are plenty of knife sets on the market where the knives are stored in a handy wooden block with slots for each knife, but I wanted something that looked a little bit different. The Joseph Joseph Elevate™ Knives Carousel is certainly that. The set includes a good range of 6 good sized knives that will help you with pretty much any kitchen job. They are made from stainless steel and the blade has a non-stick silicone coating.

The knife storage block, which rotates, is really sturdy and has a non-stick base. The really great thing about this set though is that you can put any knife into any slot in the block, even the longest bladed knife will fit in any slot, so it isn’t too tricky working out which one goes where.

The block is a stylish charcoal grey colour, as are the knife handles but each one has a little coloured band on it so you can easily see which knife is which.

The whole set cost £90, which might seem a bit steep to some, however they are a lot cheaper than many of the other knife sets out there. The knives are really good quality, and certainly seem well worth the price tag, and I absolutely love the chic touch they add to my kitchen counter.