Faux Leather Pleated Drum from Next

Since I got my own place I often find myself indulging in new favourite pastime. I’m often found browsing the internet for furniture ideas and decorating tips. In fact, it’s quite easy to lose all track of time if you find yourself on Pinterest making a list of all the things you would buy if you had more money and space. My current obsession is the furniture and accessories range at Next. Pre-home owning days, Next was where is shopped for many of my clothes. However, I never really noticed that they also sold furniture. Now I am often found leafing through their online furniture pages and imagining items I see in my own home. Whilst most of these items have firmly been consigned to my “maybe at some time in the future list” this Faux leather pleated drum has really caught my eye.

Urban Effect

Urban effect furniture seems to be the big thing at the moment and this rather beautiful faux leather pleated drum is ideal for any contemporary home. Although it is filled with beans, make no mistake it is nothing like a bean bag. It is much firmer to sit on. It’s a really great shape, and at 38cm high and 70cm in diameter it isn’t too heavy to move around. So, you can easily use it as extra seating if you have guests over and then move it out of the way when they have gone home. You could also use it as a footstool.

It’s faux leather, but looks very much like the real thing with all the pattern markings it has. The pleating creates a really unusual visual effect with all the pleats gathering towards the centre. It’s also easy to keep it clean. The drum just needs sponging clean should you spill anything on it.


The drum is available in 2 colours –  Brown and Tan – I personally love the brown colour. I think this is going to look amazing in any room with natural wood effect furniture. It would maybe work well with something with a little metal on it as well. And of course, it will work really well with most colour schemes. If you are trying to achieve a really contemporary look for your home then it would be amazing with muted neutral shades.

Next PLC furniture

As I mentioned before, until recently I didn’t really know that Next actually sold furniture. They are certainly worth looking at for many home items though. The prices seem really reasonable and the furniture is right on trend so perfect for anyone looking to do up their first home. There seem to be more of the larger stores that sell furniture popping up all the time so if you can get to one it’s well worth a trip to have a look at all the furniture in person and see if its right for you.  If you can’t get to a store then you can easily order online.