Fearne Cotton Pineapple Pot – Blue

How amazing is this pineapple pot? I was mindlessly browsing online when I stumbled across this pot from the Fearne Cotton range. It is exclusive to Very and Littlewoods. I’m not too fussed about celebrity ranges, although I must admit, I do like Fearne Cotton’s style. And, could imagine her having something like this in her home. Although, who knows how much input she had in adding this to her collection! It doesn’t really bother me either way, I just like how unusual and funky this pineapple is, plus it has come in very handy!

It’s certainly a statement piece

So, let’s deal with the obvious first – the fact that this pot is a bright blue pineapple. Funnily enough, I hate the fruit itself, but I must admit, pineapples look pretty cool. If you are looking for a fun and quirky accessory, you will struggle to find better. It looks great in any room in the home – mines currently in the kitchen. It will add heaps of personality, and it seems to be the first thing that my friends and family notice when visiting. You can actually get this accessory in silver, but I much prefer the blue version. I think it plays to the fun element of the design. The silver is a bit more luxurious, and while I love a bit of glam in my life, I think vibrant and energetic is the way to go with this particular piece.

But not JUST a statement piece

If there is one thing I love more than a statement accessory, it is a statement accessory that is actually useful. This pineapple pot opens up to offer a decent amount of storage space. I have found myself putting all of my spare change in the pot. Well, I say my spare change… My boyfriend has a habit of never emptying his pockets before putting them in the wash basket. So, I am effectively pick pocketing him and storing pounds and pennies in the pineapple! Plus, there are a few other bits and pieces in there that I have picked up from around the house – namely hair grips.

The price is right

This accessory set me back £25. I think it is a fair price. It is an unusual statement piece, with a gorgeous, trendy colour, but it doesn’t have the air of an expensive designer ornament. I don’t want to say that you can tell it is cheaply made, as that is rather harsh. Instead, I’ll say it is priced right and you get what you pay for. So, if you are looking to add some personality and fun to any room in your home, this is definitely the type of accessory to consider. Plus, if you are like me and you have lots of bits and bobs lying around the house, you will be shocked by just how often you are throwing things inside of the pineapple!