Gallery Belvedere Vintage Cheval Standing Mirror

I have been majorly crushing over vintage home accessories lately. I have been on a bit of a mission to revamp my home – opting for an old school glam vibe. When I saw this mirror from Gallery, I knew it was the perfect piece to complete my bedroom. After all, every girl needs a full-length mirror to check they look fabulous before they leave the home, right? The only problem is that I end up admiring the mirror more than myself! It’s bold, unapologetically old fashioned (in a good way), and it becomes the focal point in any bedroom. It is also a lot bigger than I expected as well, which only adds to those qualities.

Traditional yes oh-so glam!

The standing mirror, which has dimensions of 52 x 192 cm, boasts a traditional style. It’s a great option to go for, as you know such a piece is never going to go out of fashion. Hopefully, I won’t need to redecorate for a long time! Despite being bold and striking, it gives a real sense of sophistication and elegance due to the Baroque-influenced crest. I chose the silver version of this mirror, as it matches my bedroom well, and it’s a bit more glamorous. However, there is also a sumptuous cream version of this Gallery mirror for sale. If you have a shabby chic or country cottage style bedroom, the cream option would look gorgeous.

Get mirror selfies at any angle

I don’t know about you, but when I am buying a mirror, I often forget that it’s a practical piece. This is especially true when you have a mirror as beautiful as this one; it is easy to think of it as just a piece of wall art. But, the mirror has a job to do, and it does it well. The sheer size means you do not have to bend awkwardly in front of the mirror so that you can see your full outfit. Also, the rear support gives you the ability to change the angle the mirror stands on, so you can adjust it to suit you, which is great.

A statement piece that works well

Of course, it is not the cheapest mirror on the market, but I think the quality and the statement design more than make up for it. The mirror is made from wood, so it is sturdy and durable, and the carvings are beautifully intricate. I have not had my mirror long enough to fully comment, but I can’t see there being any issues in regards to the item quickly losing its beauty, as you can tell the mirror has been designed and manufactured to the highest standards. Plus, I have done a bit of shopping around online, and some places have the mirror priced cheaper than elsewhere. I was a bit annoyed to be honest, as I ended up spending £10 more than I needed to, so it is certainly worth shopping around.