Graham & Brown Rose Gold Reflections Geometric Wallpaper

Regular readers of this blog will know that last year I was house hunting and, having finally made the move, this year I’ve naturally been gradually turning my little house into a cosy home.

Which brings us onto the subject of decorating. There are very few areas of life where, unless you are extremely dedicated, you have to live with bad decisions. Bad haircuts grow out in a few months and can be restyled to lessen the impact. Poor fashion choices will only come back to haunt you if you’re unlucky enough to get photographed in them. But get your walls wrong and every time you go into the room you’ll be reminded of your bad decision.

The problem with decorating is two-fold. Firstly the materials themselves aren’t cheap. Secondly, it takes time. Whether you do it yourself or pay a decorator you are going to have a period of time when the room you’re decorating is essentially out of commission.

Choices, choices!

Which is why it pays to take care over your choice of wall-coverings and flooring. They’re not easy to change and it causes no end of upheaval and disruption whilst the change is underway.

Your first decision is whether to go with paint or paper. Paint is relatively inexpensive and requires very little skill (as long as you don’t mind the odd splodge on the skirting boards). Paper, although needing practice to hang yourself, can add drama and interest to your wall as it is usually patterned.  The downside, apart from being trickier to put up, is that you can have too much of a good thing and what seemed like a beautiful pattern on the roll can be overpowering if you cover every wall with it.

Feature wall

Which brings us to the idea of a feature wall. Simply put you paint most of your room in a neutral and only paper one wall. This also brings down the cost of papering as you need less of it.

That’s where this gorgeous paper from Graham & Brown comes in. Just look at it. It’s got rose gold and delicate pink interspersed with marbled triangles. It’s got the hard, geometric pattern that is so on trend at the moment and (important for a wallpaper) doesn’t look to be going anywhere soon. Did I mention it’s also Wallpaper of the Year 2017?

This wallpaper is going to make a stunning feature wall with the rose gold sparkling as the sun moves around the room throughout the day and reflecting light back into the room when the lights are on. In fact I think I might even deliberately pop a standard lamp in the corner to capitalise on the shimmer. Or perhaps a church candle on a small table. And a comfy chair on the other side of the room so I can curl up and watch it. I don’t think this wallpaper is getting stripped off any time soon!