Hygge, A Warm & Fuzzy Decor Trend

Hygge is always a popular buzzword so we look at some basic Hygge decor changes anyone can make to their home, and their life, so they can make the most of this happy way of living.

Hygge is a word you’re likely to come across again and again this year, and in many different ways. It is a Scandinavian term that relates to appreciating the smaller or more simple things in life. It relates to being comfortable, cosy and happy. It could be sipping on a really great cup of hot chocolate after being out in the cold, or that warm snuggly feeling you get in bed when it is raining outside in the early morning. Many countries in the world practise it, and often it relates to a deeper happiness.

In terms of decor, Hygge can be applied in a multitude of ways. No surprise really as the way we decorate our homes rarely only relates to the aesthetics. Fairy lights scattered across a table make a warm, soft, cosy light. A big fluffy throw on the sofa looks inviting, and comforting. Hygge can also be applied to how we use the space, for example we may turn a sheltered outdoor area into a social area with a firepit to share with friends. We may take a clinical and clean tiled bathroom, and add succulents, candles and reed diffusers to make it feel like a spa bathroom.

If you’re interested in embracing this rather sweet decor trend in your home this year, these tips will help you:

Being Social

Hygge promotes a focus on friendship, so don’t be afraid to introduce your friends to Hygge with a little Hygge morning breakfast, or cosy supper. Set everything up to make your friends feel loved and embraced, and try to think of all the senses when you set up the meeting. Perhaps you could cook breakfast while they are there so they can smell the food, and you could set up a little front room picnic set up with rugs and cushions, instead of sitting at the table. In terms of decor, try to keep everywhere open and welcoming, for both your family and your guests.

Candles & Soft Lighting

Candles and soft lighting are bit with Hygge, so embrace little collections of candles (safely) lined up in the corner, and little fairy light lanterns or drapes around the room. Harsh lighting is a friend to no one, especially not those who practise Hygge.

Blankets & Throws

Blankets and throws are more than welcome in a Hygge friendly home. In fact you can never have too many. Faux fur rugs, crochet numbers your grandma knitted, cool tshirt yarn giant knitted throws – anything goes. Keep them rolled up in a wicker blanket so they look cute when they aren’t being used.

Cooking & Baking Is Welcomed

Cooking and baking is something that should be embraced, as you create delicious comfort food in the oven and the smell fills the entire house. A basket full of freshly baked muffins or scones in the kitchen is enough to make anyone feel welcome and happy.

Personal Comforts

Whilst Hygge appreciates friends, there is also an emphasis on being alone and happy, like when you get to go and read for a few hours in peace and quiet. Create private spaces for you to go and read, with lots of blankets and pillows, and perhaps one little placemat for your hot chocolate.

Hopefully you feel inspired to embrace one of the cutest and sweetest trends of recent years. Enjoy embracing Hygge and embracing happiness.