Infinity – Is not the limit: multi-step Korean skin care

Popular South Korea’s multi-face care – one of the main intrigue of the beauty of the world. While we complain about the lack of hours in the day, asian childhood (that’s right: the first cream in girls appears long before the first bra) is carried out before the mirror for half an hour in the morning and evening. And this is without makeup. versed in the intricacies of Korean beauty.

While the US and Europe producing multi-functional and worship of beauty products that can, if not all, almost, Asia prefers narrow profile means. The main thing – not to create the effect of a healthy, beautiful and youthful skin, and make it so, come what may. Even if it will need to release under the bottles and tubes separate locker and find half an hour in a day extra for the use of all of them. In South Korea, a daily beauty-ritual consists of at least 10 steps and does not tolerate fuss. Of ImpulseBlogger, slowly, I passed them all.
1. Makeup removal eye

Starting with the traditional step – removing eye make-up area. In Korea, most often used for this purpose wipes. In order not to stretch the skin, they need to attach to the closed eyes, count to ten and gently hold from the outer corner to the nose. Repeat this procedure several times, and the shadows, eyeliner, mascara will stay on a napkin. Furthermore, they are suitable for removing lipstick and resistant Tinto.
2. Cleansing oil or balm

To remove makeup (foundation, blusher, highlighter, powder), sebum and all kinds of dirt, oil need. Koreans adhere to this rule: in the make-up removal need to spend as much time as his application. Kras 20 minutes? Then, 20 minutes massaging the face with a cleansing oil. It should be gentle, circular movements with your fingers. Koreans believe that facial massage improves blood circulation, and with it – and complexion.

In the morning, you can skip this step because the remove makeup not required. Therefore, after waking the first step will be the next one – use foam.
3. Facial Wash

Remnants of oil or balm to remove the water will not succeed. It will take a foaming beauty product. First, it is necessary to “shake up” (fingers, but rather a special mesh), and only then put on the face such as massage movements, as well as oil. Wash off with water at room temperature. Too hot or cold water can damage the capillaries. And it does not fit the idea of ​​beauty, both in the East and the West.
4. Exfoliant

Exfoliate – a simple and effective way to turn back the clock. For the skin, of course. Korean beauty of the view: the fewer, the better. And make a home peeling (most preferred form of gel) is twice a week, twice a month, focusing on the T-zone. And abuse of scrubs for owners of sensitive skin can lead to the opposite result – the skin becomes thin and dull.
5. Toning Lotion

Asians prefer cotton pads fingers. They also applied a tonic pat. These lotions help soothe the skin, balance the pH level of the skin and prepare for a meeting followed by beauty-products. A lot of them even.
6. Essence

This step – the most important for Koreans and is still a mystery to everyone else. Solve. Watery fluid provides the skin with extra hydration, nutrition, and other bonuses. And it does it faster than others.

7. The vials

Super-concentrated version of essences. Also solve common skin problems or are narrowly focused.
8. Tissue Mask

Korean and Japanese smash hit of recent years is recommended to use twice a week. The fabric is impregnated with all sorts of useful compounds from collagen and antioxidants to saturate their skin in just 10-15 minutes. After that, the mask must be removed, and the remainder is easy to drive into the skin. The secret is that thin, but dense tissue makes nutrients and moisture to evaporate, and delivers them straight to the deeper layers of the epidermis.
9. Serums

Yes, that’s plural. Beautiholics from South Korea prefer layering several serums : moisturizing, lightening, anti-aging. The order of application is not important, but we need to pause in 1-2 minutes between coats.
10. Eye Cream

So we got up to the usual stages of facials. After the whey (or serum), apply a cream for the eye area. Tapping movements fingertips helps the better absorbed. But most importantly, eliminate damage to the skin from stretching. Between this and the following steps have to wait 30-60 seconds, that each product has had time to properly absorb.
11. Face Cream

If you come to this step with at least five layers of all kinds of beauty products on her face, then you’re doing it right. It remains only to put your daily cream, of course, light massage movements. The recommended number of touches – a hundred times. But that’s not all.
12. Sun Screen

Sunscreen – a separate stage. In addition, the layer to be updated every 3-4 hours.
13. Finisher / Night Mask

Surely by this time your face shines like a pancake. In Korea, it is called “the effect of dew.” If it happens at night, and the skin needs extra moisture (and Koreans in this not doubt), apply a special night mask. If you are already in the court of the morning, cover all previous layers finisher (it can be in the format oils, lotions, mist, etc.). The purpose of the two options – to block all use of the day or night.

Too much? Do not panic! Multistage system of the Korean care – not an axiom, the number of steps depends on the time of day. Some products used in the evening, the next morning it is already possible to exclude oil means make-up remover, exfoliant and mask, if they were the day before. To learn, you do not spend on the procedure more than 15 minutes (plus the same amount in those days, when you use cloth masks). Think of this time as a regular and well-deserved rest.