John Lewis Croft Collection Bath Bridge

Is there anything more relaxing than a long soak in the bath? Gorgeous aromas of a mixture of lotions and potions combined with a good book and some peace and quiet. Heaven. After a long week of rushing here and there and working hard there is nothing I enjoy more than a soothing bath with a good read and even a cheeky glass of wine. I like my bathroom to be equally as peaceful. So, I have dedicated a fair amount of time to finding just the right accessories to create my own little haven in there. One such item is my new bath bridge from John Lewis.

You may have seen a fair few bath bridges trending on social media with room for tablets and the like. However, you may call me crazy. I prefer a good book to electronics near water. This bath bridge has a spacious area perfect for keeping your book dry. It also stores your bath products within easy reach. I hate a cluttered bath. This keeps everything in one space and looks much better than a collection of bottles circling the bath tub.

Practical and stylish

The Croft Collection bath bridge is made from solid oak and is a lovely natural colour. The light colour of the wood adds a natural element to what can often be quite a stark environment. This is true especially if your bathroom is predominantly white like mine is. It is almost reminiscent of a beach or nautical style. This means it matches almost any colour scheme you have chosen. The wood has been treated with a water resistant lacquer to prevent it rotting. However, it is advisable to make sure you dry the edges of the bath where the bridge sits after a bath or shower. Prolonged contact with water like that may begin to discolour the wood.

Now one element of this bath bridge calls to me like no other; the integrated wine glass slot. Perfectly sized to hold the stem of your wine glass, or prosecco glass if you are feeling decadent, you now have a place to safely pop your glass to ensure no spillage. If like me, you enjoy nothing more than relaxing in the bath after a hard day’s work with a glass of your favourite red- this is the bath bridge for you. At 70cm long, this bath bridge will fit most standard width baths and will even rest on top of roll top baths with stability.

How to get hold of one

You can order from the John Lewis website with relative ease. I chose to order online and collect my order from my local store during my lunch break but if you don’t have a John Lewis locally you can choose to have your bath bridge delivered to a local store of your choice or have it delivered. For a little extra you can have it the very next day or even pick and choose the day you want it. This bath bridge is a real treat to enhance your next bath and add an extra style element to your bathroom sanctuary.