Just Slate Deluxe Gold Mezze Set

As the winter approaches, I start to think about hosting some dinner parties. Now as I’ve said before I do like a good dinner party. Therefore, I’m always on the look out for new and quirky ways to serve my guests. If they can be showy enough to use on the dinner table but practical enough for everyday use, that makes me even happier.

This year I’m thinking I might try and be a little bit less formal. I’ll try offering my guests some mixed platters. I can make a bunch of mezze or tapas beforehand and then simply bring it to the table. This saves me slaving away in the kitchen trying to get everything ready at the same time.

Mezze Set

The downside of offering my guests lots of little dishes to choose from is that I need to go shopping to buy lots of little dishes in which to serve the food. Life can be so hard sometimes.

One of the first things I’ve spotted is this lovely little Mezze Set from Just Slate. I’m quite a fan of slate. I love the idea of using something that has been around for so many millions of years. It was created when dinosaurs still roamed and the world was young. With over fifteen years of experience in creating beautiful slate products, the Just Slate company is adept at finding the best slate. They then cut and shape it at their base in Kirkcaldy, Scotland. This enhances the contours of this wonderful material. Each piece is lacquered and foam backed to protect both the slate and my table!

Three stainless steel bowls, hand-hammered and finished in gold inside and black outside, perch on top of a strip of slate. You can use the slate as a tray to catch drips or hold serving spoons. Alternatively, you could use the bowls separately. Then you can use the slate as a cheese board or to serve bread, perhaps with some nice olive oil in the bowls themselves.

The tear-drop shaped bowls have slight lip which could allow your guests to pour liquids over their food. I rather think they look a bit like curled up autumn leaves glinting in the afternoon sunshine. And although they are hand wash only I think they are too nice to keep for best so I’m sure I’ll get lots of use from them.

One For Me, One For You

The set comes gift boxed which meant it was just like giving myself a little present when I came to open it. Of course, this also means that you could easily choose this as a gift for friends who enjoy entertaining.  Although if I bought another set I’m not sure I could bring myself to give it away! Luckily (or perhaps unluckily for my purse) the range has lots of accessories. These include gold drinks stirrers, which could be used as olive picks, gold coasters and gold tinted glasses to bring the whole table setting to life.