Karcher Window Vacuum

archerI know that washing windows is not the most glamorous of things to do but, even if you’re lucky enough to have a lovely window cleaner you still probably need to clean the windows yourself sometimes. After all, if you have guests over to visit you want every part of your home looking its best and dirty windows is not an impression you want your guests to leave with. So I think that anything that makes cleaning windows easier is worth a shout.

There are three versions of this compact little machine – the WV5 Premium is the top of the range at a very affordable £65-80 depending on when it’s on sale – I was lucky enough to grab this one; the next one down is the WV2 Plus at £59.99 and the baby of the group is the WV1 at a mere £39.99. You may be thinking that “my window cleaner doesn’t charge anything like that” but add up what you pay in a year and you may be surprised. All these machines are lightweight and easy to handle. The lithium-ion batteries are reasonably long-lasting and re-chargeable. Note- you will have to charge the window vac initially before first use.

Useful inside and out

These little machines are simplicity itself to use and – this is a massive plus point – require only minimal effort. The same method is used whether you are cleaning your interior or exterior glass. You simply spray on the special detergent supplied by Karcher, and give the glass a quick wipe using the supplied microfibre cloth. Then – and here is the really fun part – you vacuum away the dirty water. Couldn’t be easier. The smaller machine is ideal for cleaning your interior mirrors which, let’s face it always seem to end up with sticky finger marks and smears no matter how careful you are.

Say goodbye to limescale in the shower

Despite my best efforts it is quite difficult to keep the bathroom squeaky clean after use. Whether you love to luxuriate in your tub or prefer a zingy shower session you always get the problem of limescale residue and streaks left on the shower screen and on the tiles. And hey presto the little Karcher comes up trumps here too. A quick window vac is all that’s needed to prevent that ugly build-up of limescale.

That’s not all

It seems there is nothing the Karcher Window Vac range can’t deal with. For instance, the eternal problem of condensation is one which we’re all familiar with. Our double-glazed, hermetically sealed homes are unable to dispel moisture properly, especially in bathrooms. This means that we’re constantly battling dripping walls and windows. How easy it is then to just vacuum it up with the Karcher and pour it away down the sink. It can even deal with spills on hard surfaces like tea or wine. With a quick sweep of the Karcher the spill is gone. It certainly beats repeated mopping with reams of kitchen towel.

In conclusion, the Karcher Window Vac range is a very useful and efficient way to clean windows and more. Leaving a streak-free finish without leaving lots of water on the floor, it’s a great time saver.