The Latest Health Tech You Can Use at Home

We have long understood the importance of monitoring our own health, taking steps to stay healthy. And with technology leaping ahead, the number of gadgets and equipment we can use at home has grown beyond all recognition. Better still, many of these gadgets are affordable too.

1 Blood Pressure Monitor

Battery-operated blood pressure monitors are nothing new to the market, but they have, for a long time, been expensive. It is also possible to argue that some haven’t always been accurate.

But the Omron Evolv has changed all that. Clinically validated, you wear this wireless gadget on your arm for a super-fast and accurate reading. It is compatible with both iOS and Android devices so that if your blood pressure is a concern for you, you can gather the data and information you need. Really well-designed, users have noted it is comfortable to use and small enough to wear discreetly too.

At £129, it may be a bit on the steep side. You’ll find it in major Boots stores.

2 Smart Scales

Again, smart scales are nothing new but keeping an eye on your weight has just gone to a whole new level with QuardioBase.

As well as weighing you, they will also tell you your heart rate, water %, body fat, bone and muscle mass too. Storing all this information over time allows you to compare changes.

These smart scales work with Apple health, Google Fit and Samsung S Health so plenty of options there. There is also a free Quardio App for iOS, Kindle and Android so you can share data, set goals and reminders etc. What users liked about the scales was the ability for individual users to have their data saved separately. In the past, some smart scales have been one scale to one user.

A great buy at £129. Find them on Amazon.

3 Cleaner Lungs

Air pollution is a problem in many urban landscapes. For anyone, constantly breathing in pollution is not good for your health but the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is set to help you manage this.

Rather than measuring the pollution outside, it measures it where it really matters to you: your home. It detects air quality, humidity, temperature and noise levels in your home – all forms of pollutants if you like, or aspects that affect your health – and gives advice on how to create a healthier atmosphere.

You can connect multiple units across the home too, monitoring your home from your smartphone. A great gizmo that is stylish too and comes in at a very reasonable £89 from Amazon.

4 Juicer with a Difference

We all know that fibre is essential to our overall health but sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we just don’t get enough.

The Philips’ Avance juicer with FiberBoost technology looks to change all that. Super smart in appearance, it uses the whole fruit or vegetable, including skin, to create a super smooth, creamy juice. A bit pricey at £177 from Amazon but increase fibre in your juices by 50%… a price worth paying then?

Whether you stick them on your Christmas list, or make a point to look for them in the January sales, it’s certain that opting for at least one of these gadgets will help start the new year off a little more healthily.