LSA International Gin Cocktail Set

I am not a big drinker at all, unless you count coffee, but I do love a good Gin and Tonic. And, I do like it with ice and a slice – a slice of lime that is. Served with chilled tonic and just the right amount of ice cubes it can be the perfect refreshing alcoholic beverage on a hot summer’s evening. Usually I just use one of the plain glass tumblers I keep in the house. However, I have been looking for the perfect way to serve G&T when I have friends over. This is something I want to start doing a little bit more now I have my own place.

LSA International

LSA International are one of the foremost brands of handmade glass in Europe. They also manufacture classic simple porcelain tableware. Each of their products is the vision of the daughter of one of the company’s co-founders, Monika Lubkowska-Jonas. All of their glassware is produced in Europe using handmade techniques. Great attention to design, detail and quality can be seen in everything they produce.

The Set

I think this set would be perfect for when I have guests over. Because it’s made by LSA International I know that the quality is fantastic. The whole set is made from Soda glass. It consists of a nice elegant and slimline jug with stirrer, 2 classic highball glasses, 2 cocktail glasses and 2 balloon glasses. The stemmed glassware has a great feel to it with a good sturdy base and elegant tapered stem. It has clearly has been designed with stability in mind. The jug and highball glasses also have sturdy bases. In keeping with the contemporary design that LSA International produce, the jug has no handle, just simple clean lines. The good news if you want to look at it in person before you buy, is that it is available in John Lewis.

All I really need to go with it is a good gin cocktail book, plenty of ingredients and some guinea pigs – I mean guests of course. I think this set will really set the tone for a cocktail party. The contemporary elegant design also means it wont date. Who knows, from now on maybe I will serve all my gin and tonics in proper glasses instead of whatever I find in my cupboard.

Hay fever

Research has long held that alcohol can exacerbate the symptoms of hayfever, and asthma. However, the good news is that recent studies have shown that clear spirits, like Gin, which have a much lower histamine count and less sulphites than drinks like red wine and beer, are less likely to make your symptoms worse. So, whether you are a Gordon’s girl or prefer Bombay Sapphire, that seems like a good enough reason to me to relax and unwind with a nice cool refreshing gin and tonic. And even more reason to try a making a few gin cocktails with this beautiful gin cocktail set.

Just remember not to have too many!