Make Your Storage Unit More Enjoyable To Spend Time In

This might sound a bit geek’ish in a funny sort of way but I know people who actually run businesses from their self-storage unit so when Cambridge Self Storage offered me this guest post I thought: hey, why not? It could help out some of you out there in your lonely self-storage units on these cold winter days…

If you spend a lot of time in your self storage unit, then our tips are here to help you make your time there more enjoyable.

For some of us, cheap self storage is something we only visit once or twice a year, or maybe even less. It is a handy service to use when you want to lock items away and leave them safely, to return when you are ready and have them be as you left them.

For some of us, self storage is much more of a familiar part of life. There are many self storage uses that can mean you need to spend time in your self storage unit including:

  • Using it for business
  • Using it for holding hobby items
  • Using the space for crafting
  • Using the space for buying and selling
  • Sorting through a large lot of items from clearing a home
  • Picking and replacing items for upcycling

If you do spend a lot of time at your unit, it makes sense to make it a nice place to spend time. To help your time in your self storage unit be more comfortable, here are our top tips:

Take A Flask

It sounds like a simple idea, and it is, but it makes such a difference. Although most modern self storage units have temperature control, most of us wouldn’t choose to heat it but rather stop it from getting really cold. Some outdoor units are very cold if they do not have any temperature control at all.

For that reason, it makes sense to take a flask with you. There’s nothing like a hot cup of tea to have on a break from sorting through your things.

Have A Seat

After a while of standing up and dealing with your belongings you can get a sore back. Set up a seat in your unit so there is somewhere comfortable for you to take a rest.

Battery Powered Radio / Speakers

There usually won’t be electric points in a self storage unit so if you want a bit of entertainment, a battery powered radio is a great idea. Even better if you can get some speakers connected to your phone you can enjoy your own playlist.

A Cleaning Kit

Places that are dusty and dirty are never fun to spend time in. A mini cleaning kit with a battery powered mini-hoover and other cleaning equipment will help keep that space super-clean. This will not only benefit your time at the unit, but your belongings too as you remove dust and debris from the space they are stored in.

Picking The Right Unit

Even if the unit inside is great, maybe you don’t actually like visiting the facility. Maybe the staff aren’t friendly or you wish that you could visit outside of their restrictive opening hours.

Don’t be afraid to choose a facility that feels warm and welcoming so that you feel happy to visit regularly.

Hopefully the tips above will help you enjoy spending time at the self storage unit more than you do now. Remember, anywhere you spend a lot of time is worth adjusting to ensure you feel happy there.