Normann Copenhagen Swing Vase

It is so fantastic to have a place of my own where I can start to create my own sanctuary and each new thing I buy is making my apartment seem more like my very own special place. This wonderful, quirky vase from Normann Copenhagen is just ones of the things helping me stamp my mark on my new home. Some of the major changes that I will eventually make will just have to wait after all the expense of buying a home but it’s items like this vase that is making it feel like home even though I will have to live with some of the previous owners decoration choices for a while.

To be fair I didn’t actually buy this vase myself – it was a house warming present from my sister but I am so delighted with it I just had to tell you all about it.

It comes in 3 sizes and the one I have is the largest at 40cm tall (the other two sizes are 30cm and 20cm tall) – it doesn’t actually seem very tall at all but it is still a great home accessory and the perfect red to complement my lips at the moment.

Every home needs something beautiful to adorn the bare surfaces and this Swing vase is just perfect on my living room window sill – it has become a real talking point whenever I have friends over. The other 2 sizes are already on my wish list so if anyone plans to buy me a house warming present too – you know what to get.

All 3 sizes grouped together would make an even more perfect statement and more of a talking point.

I’m not sure how they are made – I should check that out – but whatever the method they are truly beautiful.

And best of all they are inexpensive (the largest one was 40 euros) – the only word of warning is to watch out for postage costs depending on where the vase is being shipped from. Some online companies charge as much as the cost of the vase itself for postage!