Preparing for Christmas: 7 Present Ideas for Seniors

Great gift ideas to help you get the most helpful and thoughtful gifts for the older people in your life.

As Christmas creeps up, time is running out to make sure everybody you love has the perfect gift on the big day.

Buying gifts can be really tricky, especially when it comes to your older relatives and loved ones who seem to already have everything they could ever want!

You can’t just buy vouchers or get them the latest gadget, especially if your relative cares about the thought behind the gift, which most seniors do. Instead, take a look at these 7 great present ideas from The Live-in Care Hub to help you get the elderly loved ones in your life a gift they will truly love:

  1. A Flower Subscription

A bunch of flowers is an easy, bright and cheerful gift to give a loved one. To remind your elderly loved one that they are valued all through the year, why not buy them a subscription for monthly flowers? Nearly half of older people say that the TV or their pet is their main source of company day to day. Whenever they feel a bit lonely they can look at their latest seasonal flowers in the vase and remember they are loved.

2. A Hobby Class

There are lots of classes that are suitable for older people. Sewing classes, flower arranging classes, even cookery classes. Why not buy them a mini-course for a new hobby where they can meet new people and learn new things? Speak to their home care providers if you know they will need to accompany your loved one to the class.

3. Warmth

Warmth is something that a lot of older people struggle to find, whether that is because of financial struggles and paying for heating, because of circulation or because of mobility issues. You could buy them a blanket, socks, hot water bottle, a snuggly jumper, or even pay for their heating bills if you’re feeling flush.

4. An iPad

If you’re looking to buy your elderly relative a more expensive gift that they will love, why not buy them an iPad? You could show them how to use Facebook to keep in touch with relatives and old friends. You can show them how to use the internet search engines to look for things like home care or local meetups. They can also learn about Youtube and Pinterest and other sharing platforms so they feel part of the modern world again. Ipads are also useful for brain stimulating age appropriate games which help prevent memory loss.

5. Time With You

A day out in London, a weekend away to a city or to the coast, or a posh afternoon tea could all be great memory-making days to arrange with your elderly loved one. You might want to speak to their home-care providers if they have special mobility needs, and they might even be able to accompany you on the trip to help with practical needs.

6. Something That Triggers Memories

A concert of war music, a CD of music from your loved ones teenage years or a photo album could all help trigger lovely memories for your loved one, which is a really lovely gift.

7. Something Indulgent

Concert tickets, expensive chocolates, jewellery or perfume are all indulgent gifts your elderly loved one would appreciate if you know they love them. Practical gifts are great but Christmas is about indulgent treats too.

Hopefully these seven ideas for gifts will help you bring a smile to your elderly relatives face on Christmas Day. The thought really does count and regardless of the cost of the gift, the fact you have put a lot of effort in will mean the world to your loved one.