The Range: Solid Wood Photo Frame Ladder

When I moved into my new home I wanted to put my own stamp on it straight away, and who doesn’t? You have a huge blank canvas and the perfect opportunity to make it reflect your own style and personality. But like the majority of people moving away from home, the budget was a bit tight. So, all those ideas collected from home design magazines and pinned on Pinterest over the years had to stay firmly in the back of my mind. At least until my wallet allows for my creative streak to run wild, and it might just do that.

So, this got me thinking how was I going to add a bit of my personality and some colour to my walls without breaking the bank or running back to mum and dad for a small temporary loan? And then it occurred to me. Over the years I have accumulated the perfect pieces of artwork that express my personality. Now, I finally had the space to display some of my favourites. I am, of course, referring to photographs. What better way to display your personality than with your own personal snap shots of art.

So much choice

When it comes to photo frames there are quite a few on the market. I really wanted something that would stand out just that little bit more though. I found some great single picture frames, even some multi aperture frames but they were just not quite what I was looking for. Then, I happened upon the clever solid wood photo frame ladder from The Range. It is the perfect statement piece for making your photos into a real feature in any room.

If a picture paints a thousand words then this clever ladder frame with hanging space for 4 individual photos positively sings. No need to pick your favourite photo – with this frame you can choose to display a few at the same time. I really love the shabby chic style of this frame ladder. It can be incorporated easily into any décor style in the home. The neutral colours are perfect for any room and compliment deep rich colour schemes and pastel shades as well.

Frame it!

The four photo frames hang between the rungs of the ladder in ascending size order. The top one measures 6 x 4 inches, the next one 6 x 8 inches and then finally the bottom two which both measure 5 x 7 inches. This makes them perfect for the standard size of photo you print off in store. The white border will set any style of photographs off perfectly. It doesn’t matter whether you prefer something bright and colourful or decide to be all arty and have your photos done in black and white.

Which room?

And the clever bit, you don’t hang the photo ladder on the wall, it is designed to stand on your mantelpiece, or a book case. This makes it easy to move it from room to room and get a completely different look easily. It’s so great I might just buy a second one!