Loup & Co – Socially Conscious 100% Cashmere Throw

Loup & Co creates fashionable, luxury products, but with a conscience, something we should all consider when making a purchase these days. Profits made from any cashmere throws sold go towards providing one week of care. This care goes to a young child in Kenya who has suffered sexual abuse. Loup & Co’s socially conscious cashmere throw is ethically made in Nepal with 100% cashmere and comes in a range of colours and styles:

cashmere throw from Loup & Co.

  • CREAM DIAMOND PATTERN – cream tones
  • LIGHT GREY DIAMOND PATTERN – light grey and cream tones
  • CHEVRON PATTERN DARK GREY – dark grey and cream tones
  • CHEVRON PATTERN SAND – warm cream tones
  • BASKETWEAVE – grey and cream tones

I chose the chevron pattern in dark grey as it has a sense of traditional herringbone style. It offers a classily English feel, which is perfect for those cold wintery evenings in front of the fire.

Why I choose to shop Loup & Co

Cashmere is known for its high quality properties, extreme softness, and warmth with a delicate feel. However, it is also a material that will last years. This is exactly what you get with a Loup & Co throw. As you would expect with cashmere, the throws are hand wash only; but this is a small price to pay for this luxury item. The throws are on average 2.75m x 1.4m. This gives you ample room to snuggle on the sofa with your loved ones, without fighting over who’s got more cover!

Each cashmere throw comes lovingly presented in a canvas gift bag, including information on how and where the throw was made. and highlighting the difference you are making to young people’s lives in Kenya. It makes a lovely present for a loved one, or yourself of course! Available on Not on the High Street, you also receive free delivery.

Cosying up in a cashmere throw like one of these  will have you feeling good inside and out and you know that you have spent your money well as it goes to a very good cause.

More about Loup & Co’s mission


Loup & Co work on the ethos that you ‘Get One’ you ‘Give One’, meaning that when you buy a throw or another item they sell, you are in turn providing one week of shelter, support and security to a young vulnerable child in Kenya.

Loup & Co partner with Rafiki Mwema who often provides a “therapeutic safe house” for young girls (some as young as two years old) who have suffered abuse. These girls need mental and physical nurturing to help them overcome the atrocities they have faced. Where possible, Rafiki helps to return the young girls back to their homes and their communities. They can then go on to live a happier, safer life. Loup & Co and its customers help make this happen.
Buying from Loup & Co means that you are also directly contributing to communities that need a helping hand with steady wages, financial advice and assistance with education. Whether you are buying a throw or another Loup & Co product you are not only buying a piece of luxury you’ll love but you are also helping others. In my opinion, we need more socially conscious brands like Loup & Co and I shall be purchasing more.