Terraillon Window Vocal Digital Bathroom Scale

I like to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle, which I have written blogs about before. I enjoy eating well and exercising and I do like to keep a track of my weight. When I moved into my new apartment, my old scales were an unfortunate casualty of a dropped box. They were unceremoniously retired to the local tip. Ever since, I have been on the look-out for a new set. I think I may now have found the perfect replacement.

The Terraillon Window Vocal Digital Bathroom Scale is easy to set up and easy to use. It has a sleek and minimalist style that suits my bathroom incredibly well. Not everyone enjoys having to use bathroom scales. I know I didn’t always enjoy stepping on them to see the damage a weekend away had done. However, in order to make sure we are living a healthy life and our weight is at a safe level for our health- they are often a necessary evil.

Simplistic and stylish

When I took the Terraillon scales out of the box I was firstly impressed with the sleek appearance of these scales. They are a combination of white plastic and glass on the platform. This gives the scales a soft and minimalist look. The scales have a small ground clearance of just 3cm. Therefore, they do not stick out like a sore thumb like other cumbersome scales. You can tuck these neatly out of the way. There is a large window with an easy to read LCD display. So, even just a quick glance will do the trick. The really nifty thing about these scales is they also speak to you and tell you your weight. That’s not all.  They do so in a choice of four different languages to boot!

Whether you would like your weight announced in English, French, Spanish or German; there is a language setting for you. I have to say, hearing your weight spoken in Spanish does make it seem much more exotic. There are three different volume settings for these scales so you can adjust them to shout out your weight as quietly as you like.

Perfect for any bathroom

The Terraillon scales have four black round soft pads on the bottom, around the size of a 50p piece. These are used as feet to protect your flooring from marks. The manufacturers do state however, that the scales are designed for use on hard flooring only. If you do use them on carpet or a rug you may not get an accurate reading or the scales may not work all together. The manufacturer also offers a two year manufactures warranty.

The Terraillon scales use 3 AAA batteries which do come included when you buy the scales from Dunelm like I did. This is very handy if you’re anything like me and always forgetting batteries when you do the shopping. The scales turn on as soon as you stand on them so you don’t need to mess about doing a small tap dance to get them working when you need them.