Top Tips For Sorting Out Your Most Sentimental Items

Are you looking for some tips on sorting out your sentimental items? These top tips can help make the process easier.

Sorting out sentimental items is extra-important because it involves items that are irreplaceable. Items we treasure more than any expensive belongings we may have.

If you’re wanting to sort out your beloved belongings well, you’ll want to read on for these top tips:

sentimental items

Get In The Right Mindset

There is a right mindset for sorting through items that could bring back memories. If you’re particularly sensitive or emotional at the moment, maybe now isn’t the right time. You may always feel some emotions with certain items but, try to protect yourself from a complete blubberfest if you’re not really in the right place.

Get Rid Of Definite No-No’s

There may well be some items you have stored that you don’t even need to think twice about before you get rid of them. Baby clothes you kept only for another baby, but you’re certain you’re not having any more. Grans crockery set you hate but you felt you had to keep out of duty.

Any definitely no-no’s should be popped straight in a box ready to find a new home.

Gift Sentimental Items Others Would Love More

Sometimes sentimental items we have can be appreciated more by others. Maybe you want to gift something to a friend or family member you know would just love to have the item more than you. Now is the time to move those items on and allow them to have the love they deserve.

Sort Out Belongings That Need Attention

When you are sorting through your sentimental items it’s important to provide care for possessions that need it. Books can grow mouldy, clothing can be prone to moths – if items haven’t been stored well you may need to show them some love to save them. Clean individual items as needed, place them in the right protective packaging and ensure your garage, wardrobe or self storage unit is free from dust and debris.

Prioritise Items You Want Access To

There will always be items you would like access to more than others. Grannies blanket that still smells of her house, the teddy made from your father’s shirts, your photo album full of photos of your friends. These items may get attention more than others, so be sure to have those nearby and perhaps not in your cheap self storage unit.

Make Unusable Items Usable

Sometimes we can hold onto lots of items that mean a lot but we can’t ever really enjoy them as they are. A bag full of clothes isn’t very easy to cuddle. A box full of photos isn’t easy to look through. Why not make these items usable to you? You could turn old clothes into a quilt, cushion or a stuffed toy. How about making a beautiful album from your box of photos? Make these incredibly important items more usable and you will hopefully be able to enjoy them much more in the future.

Label, Label, Label

Once you have sorted through your sentimental items, place them in categories that make sense to you, and then label them. Using labels on the boxes and bags in your self storage unit, wardrobe, shed, garage or spare room will help you know where to find sentimental items. This is essential when it comes to keeping these very important belongings accessible, safe and in the best possible condition.

The tips above can help you keep your most sentimental items organised. With a little more care and consideration, your most precious things can stay in great condition for your continued enjoyment and attention in the coming years.