Vitra Clocks – Useful and Beautiful

I’m sure you all get that feeling when you are either sat at the breakfast table or on the sofa looking at a blank wall, thinking it could do with a little something to brighten the room. I was exactly the same. I needed something to brighten the room, without being too bold or overpowering. So, instead of having to constantly find my phone to look at the time, I thought something like one of the Vitra clocks might be the answer!

Most clocks are all generally the same now. Round, usually in silver or black with big numbers, and this is what I didn’t want. I wanted colour. Specifically, colour that would contrast well with the mixture of shades already present in the room. I thought it might be a challenge trying to achieve this so I couldn’t quite believe it when I came across the Vitra Sunburst wall clock in John Lewis. Its fresh and fun style was just what I needed to brighten up my living space. It’s turned my wall into a feature and added a cool twist. I particularly love the sun- inspired form and everyone comments on it when they come round. At £260 it was quite an investment but was worth every penny. It has completely changed the feel of my room for the better.

The range

This eye-catching design has now opened my eyes to the other designs in the collection. I will certainly be purchasing another one in the future.  There are models to suit every taste, style and room in the home. These clocks are available in various forms and materials and offer a fresh alternative to traditional clocks. This is not your basic clock, I would call this more of a contemporary timepiece. Designed by George Nelson with creativity at the height of the design, these clocks are iconic with a 1950’s influence.

Swiss Design

The Swiss are famous for producing quality pieces and Vitra are no different. Their innovative products are something of the future.All of the clocks in the Vitra collection are made from various types of wood and metal. They also contain high quality quartz mechanisms and include a rechargeable battery. There is no need to worry about the added expense of batteries. Even though there are many clocks available on the market, a few at a lower price, the unique and creative styling of the Vitra clocks enable them to achieve differentiation within the market, making Vitra the new type of clock to own.

Now that I own my own property I am happy to invest in some statement pieces. These Vitra clocks are well made to a high standard and the pricing is pitched at the right level.It has exceeded my expectations and if you are looking to add some pizzazz to your home I highly recommend this brand, it really will brighten your life. These fun and quirky accessories are perfect for any home and you will struggle to find a better piece.  Why wouldn’t you want one of these in your home?