Yankee Candles – Worth their weight in wax?

Yankee Candles are the ultimate brand in luxurious fragrance for the home. With so many different smells and various ways to fill your home with gorgeous scent, they can become a bit of an addiction! From Christmas scents to coffee scents, tropical scents and even baby powder scent, there really is a scent for every taste. I have had the pleasure of trying out three of the most popular scents, Catching Rays (Large Jar) and Vanilla Cupcake (also Large Jar) and the Berry Trifle wax tart in my new burner! Here’s what I thought.

Ordered online, my candles arrived well packaged and suitably protected, and in pristine condition. Bubble wrapped and in a box, I felt confident the product was how it should be. The Yankee Candle jar design is instantly recognisable and looks great on my shelf! I was genuinely so excited to try them out.

Vanilla Cupcake

The luxurious fragrance of Vanilla Cupcake filled the room and smelt good enough to eat! Vanilla is my go-to scent when it comes to fragrance in the home. It’s a laid back, deliciously moreish scent that everybody seems to like. The Vanilla Cupcake candle is a lovely cream colour, which suits most decors and every season.

This candle is great as an all day smell or for an evening when its time to relax and unwind from a long day. Vanilla induces a sense of comfort and often reminds us of baking, making it one of the most calm and homely fragrances there is. So if you’re feeling stressed and overworked, or need to feel at home; or just craving the smell of baking, the Vanilla Cupcake Candle is perfect!

Catching Rays

Yearning for a holiday for a far-flung, exotic place? Burning the Catching Rays candle gives a beautiful summery fragrance of zesty orange and warm amber notes. It fills your home with a tropical vibe. The bold blue colour looks like the crystal clear water of a paradise beach in Barbados. The candle is ideal for the bathroom, where you can unwind, close your eyes and dream of that exotic holiday you’re in desperate need of!

Yankee make the candles and the glass jar tumblers from pure natural extracts. The candles provide up to 150 hours of burning time – mine is still going strong and I use it a lot, and the glass container is robust in its famous Yankee Candle shape, well worth £21.99.

Berry Trifle Wax Tart

Finally, i’ve always wanted a wax burner, and when a friend bought me one for my birthday, I was hooked. Yankee Candle Wax tarts work with wax burners, electric burners or via a tea light. The Berry Trifle wax tart is absolutely delicious! The fresh, zesty berry fragrance combined with a soft note vanilla smells just like dessert. Using the wax tarts with an electric wax burner means you gets great fragrance without the wick. The tart melts over 8 hours, releasing its irresistible scent and costs a reasonable £1.49.

Candles make a great gift, not only for some one else but also as a treat for yourself. There’s nothing better than unwinding at home with a scented candle gently wafting a delicate scent around your home.