5 Tips on How to Train Your Brain

We can all agree that our brains are the single most important part of our body. It manages all our actions and our thoughts, it allows us to discover and invent things that were never thought of before, and there is still so much untapped potential to it. So the natural question that arises is this: Why isn’t everyone capable of feats that only a few have achieved?

The reason is simple – lack of optimized usage of the brain – you need to train your brain. We all have the same organ, but only a few know how to use it to the fullest. Our inability to use our brain correctly leads to problems; complex and simple alike – like making typos. Think of it as a gun; while few can achieve expert marksmanship with it, others can only be an expert at missing targets. Like any tool, it is the usage that defines the capacity of the tool.

Train Your Brain

So, here are few ways through which you can train your brain to be a rockstar:

  1. Exercise more

Research has found that physical activity is directly linked to brain activity. If your body is functioning properly, then your brain (being a part of it, duh!) gets to function properly too. Well, that’s not the entire reason. Exercising enables your body to create neural connections faster, which are essential for proper coordination throughout your body. And this is just as true when we get older as when we are young – getting more exercise is one of the reasons that so many people want to stay in their own home environment when they get older rather than go into a residential care home where they are often left for hours on end just sitting in a chair. The desire to keep active is one of many reasons older people are more and more realising that live-in care is a better option than a care home. When your body functions properly, your brain gets the nutrients and oxygen efficiently. Also, it enhances the reaction speed of your sensory organs; in simple words, you are more alert. All this is in addition to the usual benefits of exercising. So, you have another reason to hit the gym.

  1. Eat healthy

As a continuation of previous reason, a proper diet is also essential for being healthy and thus, having a functional brain. Your brain requires nutrients, like any other organ, so make sure you provide them with that. Food like fish, fruits, and raw vegetables serve as an excellent source. Apart from all that, there is the excellent boon of dark chocolate. Dark chocolate contains dopamine, which makes your brain faster and memory stronger. It also contains flavanols and antioxidants- both really good for the body and brain. So the next time you crave something sweet, skip dessert and go for dark chocolate.

  1. Work your brain

Studies have found that engaging in brain-stimulating activities actually helps to kickstart and train your brain. Like a knife that remains sharp when in use, engaging your brain regularly keeps it sharp. But keep in mind, there is a fine line between brain-simulating and brain-stressing (while games like crossword puzzle may lie in the latter category). For example, while watching TV, switch to news channels and science shows instead of watching reality TV or sitcoms.

Working your memory is one of the easiest ways to jog your brain. Trying to remember things you saw earlier makes your brain work harder to recollect information from the subconscious mind. Alternatively, you can opt for some brain training programs; programs that use a carefully designed process to enhance your mental skills. You can always paraphrase sentences online, but it will never achieve the level of creativity that your own mind can. But remember; do not confuse the brain exercising as an excuse for multitasking, as multitasking has been shown to in fact reduce mental efficiency.

  1. Stay happy

Frankly, this is the least you could do. Studies have found that staying unhappy distracts your mind and prevents you from focusing on anything. On the other hand, a happy brain is a functional brain. The neural connections in your body are more active when you are happy, and your brain does not face any hindrance in working to the optimum limit. The ways to remain happy varies from person to person, but the most effective ones include doing activities that you enjoy, hanging out with loved ones and eating chocolate! Or like someone once paraphrase for me, “So my friend, smile. It is free therapy”.

  1. Keep Learning

Like we said earlier, engaging your brain is the best way to boost it. While puzzles and games are all fine, learning something new is even better. Not only your brain is stimulated to work out, you even learn something new and useful! The skills could be things that you had always wanted to acquire and/or something you will enjoy learning. People in art and dance classes were found to have a better brain activity than others. An online paraphrase generator could do the same task faster than you, but you can do it much better if you have a trained brain. Alternatively, you can try doing the things that you already know how to do, but in a different way. This puts your brain to work harder in order to derive new ways to solve the same problem and make it work more efficiently.


Author Bio:

Charlie Tyler is a content-writer at Paraphrasing Service. His dream is to write an Oscar winning screenplay. Charlie’s life motto is “What you get by achieving your goals is not as important as what you become by achieving your goals.”