Casa Couture Celia Copper Metal Vase Range

Do you have a place in your house that you just can’t seem to get right? Until recently I had this little nook that nothing seemed to fit in. I tried various decorative bowls, plates and ornaments to no avail. They still seemed somewhat flat and lacking what I was looking for.

Then, on a whim, I tried placing a vase there. I then realised that what I needed was a bit of height. So the search was on for the perfect vase. Several got very close to being what I was looking for. Some were the right height but the wrong shape and a couple were simply the wrong colour. It was only when I stumbled across these amazing vases from Casa Couture that I realised that my search was over.


Copper is quite a fashionable metal at the moment, and with good reason. Who can resist its warm, golden-brown hue? It can be as shiny as sunlight or dark and mysterious if left unpolished? Being a metal it’s a fairly neutral colour which complements many shades so it’s very easy to live with.

These vases are quite large. The smaller one is 55cm whilst the larger is 70cm. But they’re perfectly proportioned so they don’t wobble as tall vases are sometimes prone to do. This means you can use them on their own if you aren’t keen on filling them with flowers.  The narrow neck lends itself to being filled with a single statement bloom – a sunflower perhaps to bring a last memory of summer to go with the autumnal sheen of the vase itself.


One reason my little nook was difficult to fill was because of the way the light comes through the window. The hammered finish on these vases gives them a finish that is neither extremely highly polished – which in my home would annoyingly reflect the light back into the room and hide the curves of the vase – nor completely matte. The vases also have a very subtle striped pattern, due to the way the hammering has taken place, which isn’t instantly obvious lending a sense of intrigue to the vases.

High-End Purchase?

Although these vases look like I could have bought them from a little artisan craft market they are,in fact, available on the high street, from House of Fraser. Which means if you can’t decide whether to buy the small or the large one you can afford to buy both and place them together on your table or windowsill where they can catch the light. Or you could buy two the same size to balance each other at either end of a mantelpiece. Coupled with some candles they could look spectacular, reflecting the flames, as the nights draw in and you begin to want to cuddle up with the lights low and a warm blanket. Actually now I’m giving myself so many ideas about how to use these vases I may have to go out and buy some more of them for myself!