Clinique 3 Step Formula – Good or Bad?

Who is not yet familiar with Clinique’s 3-Step Formula? It’s bee around for ages, and looks like some of us inherited the 3-step formula from our moms, at least I remember my mom telling me how effective and easy this was for her, when she was young. When I was in my 20’s, I was in love with 3 step formula and moreover with all other Clinique’s skin care products, they just worked so well for me. However, having a combination skin, I often opted in for the “3-4” skin types (dry and very dry), because products formulated for oily skin were always way too drying for me. In fact, you could easily peel off the upper layer of your skin after washing your face with Clinique liquid soap #1, followed by exfoliating lotion #1. Do remember that is sooooo aggressive, that you only need to buy #1 when you really have oil dropping from your face at daytime.

cliniqueSo back in my 20’s, I used it and the ideal seemed perfect, just clean, exfoliate and moisturize. However, what Clinique doesn’t tell you, is that at some point, it’s not enough anymore… I found it the hard way, when I realized one day, already at my 30’s, that I am starting to get fine lines and my face feels dry more and more often. I didn’t think I need to move to heavy creams (in fact, every attempts to try “rich” or “anti aging” product resulted in my breaking out like a teenager!). So, when talking to Clinique sales person at my local department store (Tesco in Prague, just 2 minutes away from my home) I found that I need to also apply a more advanced cream on top of what I already used (which doesn’t come instead of the DDML, just on top). I did that, for a while.

Then, I figured it was a waste of money, to apply a “simple and non effective” moisturizer with parabens and NO SPF, and then another more effective one on top. It wasn’t wallet friendly, it had little skin benefits, and the only reason behind this technique was to sell me 2 creams, when I only need one. Moreover, You normally would apply a serum under your normal moisturizer, so why would you apply a cream under a cream..? No logic, really.

So in conclusion I would way – use the 3 step when you area really young, but do be caution and “listen” to your skin, when it asks for more, give it a more advanced care line, adjust the routine to your skin type according to season, hormonal changes and age.

Step 1 – Cleanse

Clinically formulated cleansing—that’s how great skin starts. Clinique’s dermatologists believe soap is best. Our non-drying liquid and bar formulas maintain protective lipids, loosen surface flakes.

Clinique Cleanser, 100g/3.5oz Facial Soap - Extra Mild (With Dish) for Women

Step 2 – Exfoliate

From day one, expect your skin to look fresher, feel smoother. In two weeks, the rewards become abundantly clear.

Clinique Cleanser, 200ml/6.7oz Clarifying Moisture Lotion 1 for Women

Step 3 – Moisturize

The moisture “drink” all skins need, developed by Clinique’s guiding dermatologists to maintain optimal moisture balance. Works to soften, smooth, improve the condition and texture of your skin. Lotion formula is for drier skins; oil-free Gel is perfect for oilier skins

Clinique Day Care, 125ml/4.2oz Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion - Very Dry to Dry Combination (With Pump) for Women
A Whole Kit:
Clinique Day Care kit : Dramatically Different Moisturising Lotion 125ml & 30ml + Clarifying Twice A Day Lotion #2 60ml + Liquid Facial Soap Mild 30ml + Bag 4pc