Dressing Up Your Outdoor Space

Dressing up your outdoor space is a great idea to provide you and your family with an extended, outside area to enjoy. Here we look at top tips to help inspire you.

Dressing up your outdoor space is beneficial, so you can make the most of all the spaces you own. If you want a truly luxurious property, you have to go the extra mile with your outdoor space to make it that bit more special than the average property. There are many different options for you to make your outdoor space exciting, beautiful and luxurious, here are a few to inspire you:

Decking Dressing

If you have a decking area, a great start to dressing up your outdoor space is to dress up your decking. If you have a large decking area, you could create different zones or spaces to suggest different uses like; relaxation, socialising and dining. You might also want to add more colour and excitement to the visuals, like wood staining, new soft furnishings for furniture and even some sculptures and art. Flowering vines, succulents and bright pot plants could also be a good choice to let nature jazz up the area.

Patio Dressing

Just like your decking, your patio needs love, attention and creativity to make it stand out. It is an extension of your home and should feel that way. One excellent way to make it more luxurious is to extend the interior tile flooring to spread outside, so there is a visual continuation. You could also use vintage, mosaic or brightly coloured tiles to make the patio look different, unique and quirky but for a contemporary and hard-wearing option you can’t beat porcelain tiles. Textured concrete is another good choice if you fancy a bit of texture when designing your outdoor space. Bright pot plants, sculptures and soft furnishings are great ways to brighten the area up.

designing outdoor space

Outdoor Kitchen

Although they aren’t common in countries with cooler climates, they add real interest to a garden space. Brick pizza ovens, built in barbeques, a preparation countertop and some well closed storage is all you need to create the perfect the space. A fridge and working sink would make it even more convenient. Just be sure to add coverage for the kitchen area at least partially so you can enjoy it whatever the weather.

Privacy Is Luxury

An outdoor space never feels quite as luxurious if it is overlooked. Use hedges, large shrubs and trees, clever garden screens, walls, water features and tinted glass to create more privacy. A really clever design means all areas of the garden are nearly completely or fully private without the look or feel of the space being compromised.

Make The Most Of The Sun & The Shade

Your garden will have sunny spots and shady spots, so make the most of them by ensuring there are areas you can sit or lay in the sunshine, perhaps your plunge pool or yoga spot is where the sun hits. You should also create shady parts for yourself, perhaps with some heavy vines creeping through arbours, or with awnings, trees or closed decking.

Furnishings Finish The Look & Feel

Furnishings are so important with outdoor spaces. Choose well designed, strong furniture for the different spaces you have created (eating, exercise, sunbathing, reading) and be sure to have enclosed soft furnishing areas as well as covers for the furniture so it all stays protected in bad weather. Play with different patterns, colours and materials every season with cushions and blankets to change the look of the entire space.

Consider A Hot Tub

Hot tubs are extremely luxurious and a real delight to have in the garden. Why not consider a hot tub built into your decking to bring more permanency to its look? Or perhaps a barrel hot tub might bring the Scandinavian luxury you were looking for and might pair nicely with an outdoor sauna.

Remember to have fun with it, and be creative, your outdoor space can be the ideal space for your family so it gets used and enjoyed as it should, and completes your luxury property.