Fredirica 9 Light Copper Chandelier

Ever since I was a child I dreamt of have a chandelier in my house. To 10 year old me, nothing screamed princess more than a huge light fitting, dripping in crystal and diamonds. Now obviously, I am past the whole princess obsession. But, the desire for a grand chandelier statement piece has never really left me.

Unfortunately, I do not own a mansion, huge house or house of any kind actually. My lovely apartment isn’t quite big enough for the grand imaginations of 10-year old me. However, I have managed to fulfil my chandelier wish regardless. Also, I managed to do it in the most unlikely of places. So there I was mid mission to purchase new towels deep in Dunelm when I spotted it. The Fredirica 9 light copper chandelier. It may not be dripping in diamonds but its satin copper finish gives it the perfect blend of elegance and rustic glamour. It is perfect for illuminating my dining room.

Industrial elegance

The Fredirica chandelier consists of two satin copper rings holding the 9 halogen light bulbs. These are then joined by 9 individual curved black metal rods. The simple design is highlighted by a contemporary exposed cable fitting. This gives the whole chandelier an earthy and industrial feel. It is a far cry from the sparkly crystal chandeliers I dreamt of as a girl. However, this modern reimagined design is much more in-keeping with the modern décor I have chosen for my own flat. The tarnished copper colour of the Fredirica may look dark when you first take the light fitting out of the box. However, the 9 halogen bulbs are surprisingly bright and really highlight the soft orange tones of the copper.

Making a big impact

While the Fredirica chandelier may appear small and compact when you look on the website, in reality the light itself is 50cm tall and 48cm in diameter. It is no small light fitting. Luckily, my dining area is quite spacious and the ceilings in my flat are quite high so that the chandelier does not appear too big for my room. This may be something to consider for yourself if you are thinking of investing in a chandelier similar to this one as a smaller room may suddenly appear much smaller. However, if you have space then this chandelier makes a fantastic functional centre piece.

The Fredirica only takes a maximum watt bulb of 10watts. The fittings are designed for halogen 10-watt bulbs (G4) and so it is a good idea to check where you can get your hands on some of these specific bulbs. Also, a step ladder is a good investment for changing bulbs and cleaning the chandelier- you do not want to be having to take it down every time a bulb goes!

My inner 10 year old princess-obsess self is more than satisfied with my rustic chandelier. The many compliments I am paid on it certainly helps with that but it is truly a thing of beauty and offers a warm yet bright glow above my dining table- perfect for entertaining (and impressing) my guests.