Interior Design Colour & Pattern Trends


A new year brings new exciting trends in interior design. In this article we explore the latest colour and pattern trends within interior design for 2017.


One of the most exciting things about the new year for some people, is the chance to kick a habit, the opportunities that lay out in front of them for the year, or perhaps the inspiration to book a new holiday, or maybe even change career. For some of us, however, the new year brings the opportunity to embrace new interior design colour trends, which is especially exciting if you’re always looking to freshen your homes style with new patterns and tones.

Here are the top colour and pattern trends for 2017:

Shadow Purple

A truly deep and luxurious colour, it screams opulence, seductiveness and provides a deep backdrop for many textures. Darks are seeing quite a resurgence in design at the moment, and this shadow purple is a clear sign of things to come.

Honey Yellow

Honey yellow adds depth to a colour that can sometimes be overlooked, or occasionally seen as dated. A slightly darker tone to yellow gives it less of a sunshine element, and more of a toasted, glowing luxurious hue.


Matte as a texture saw its heyday last year with lipsticks and this has spilled over into interior design. A lot of new design involves matte paint which is seen as more sophisticated and modern than more shiny options.

Soothing Blue

A soothing, creamy blue is everywhere at the moment, and is neither dark, nor light in its colour. It is like a denim blue, which goes with absolutely everything and looks stunning with wood.


Where grey has been quite the design winner recently, taupe has stepped in as a leading neutral this year. It combines grey and brown together perfectly to create a gorgeous warm neutral that will be around a lot this year. It looks absolutely stunning with white curtains, bannisters, blankets and candles.


Messy Chic

Messy chic does not involve a messy home, so OCD homeowners don’t run away just yet. Messy chic involves using a lot of pattern in your home. Maybe with a big statement carpet with colour explosions, maybe some geometric patterned porcelain tiles – it is entirely up to you.


Whether it is tassels, fringing on an ornament, or fringed throws on the sofa, fringing is definitely a trend in both fashion and interior design.

Bright Green

You will see bright green a lot in interior design advertising this year. See it clash with zebra prints, and complement raw wood furniture. It is a wonderful, bright, fresh colour for 2017.


Butterflies are a key pattern in 2017, and you will see them in wallpaper, in art, and on cushions and bed covers.

Faux Everything

So that everyone can enjoy the look of the finest materials, expect a lot of faux marble, foliage and leather to name just a few.


Where previous years have seen us coo over upcycled anything, now we’re more interested in totally gorgeous craftsmanship. Little intricate handmade glass jewellry boxes, furniture carved by master carpenters – anything with true craftsmanship is a winner within interior design.


White was always a colour avoided by designers for being too sterile and harsh unless it came in the form of luxury bed linen. This year it is a big trend, and can be seen with ornaments, furnishings and pretty much everything. It works well in splashes across some of this years key bold colours.