Nazareth Gifts: Scented Candles and More

Another random find after a late night search to find a present for an old friend – I was looking for something that she probably would not have bought for herself and I found it at Nazareth gifts. In fact, I found a presnet for myself too and now it’s a brand that I can’t live without.

We all love a good quality scented candle don’t we? One of the things that makes me sad is that their poularity has spawned so many cheap varieties that actually smell pretty awful. You can even pick them up doing your supermarket shop or even st the DIY store! Please don’t be tempted to buy those – trust me I have tried many of them and there are none worth what little they charge.

But back to the gorgeous scented candles from Nazareth Gifts – they really are good quality – subtle scents that provide a hint of something exotic but don’t overwhelm a room. Best of all they use completely natural vegetable wax blended with fragrances and essential oils so they burn cleanly – no petroleum-based paraffin wax, animal or beeswax in sight. And you can’t say the same for some of the big, well-known brands that I could mention (but won’t)

Nazareth also do room sprays, massage oils, diffusers