Nespresso Prodigio Coffee Machine by KRUPS

I first came across Nespresso coffee pods on holiday in France where the owners of the tiny house we rented near Nice left a few packets of pods for us to use along with this Krups machine in their rustic galley kitchen. From the first time I tried a Nespresso espresso I was hooked; it became a mid-morning ritual for the next 2 weeks to have a small Roma with a spoon of sugar (hey I was on holiday).


holiday house south of france


As soon as I returned home I bought this machine and was introduced to the delights of the Volluto too (George Clooney’s favourite if you can believe the advert – and I’ve no reason not to)

Quick and easy to use I have had no problems with this machine for the 6 months I have owned it – there are much fancier machines on the market at fancier price tags but this suits me just fine and if I want an occasional cappuccino I have a small battery operated Aerolatte milk frother to help me out.

While on holiday I even got a taste for iced espresso – I was doubtful at first but it’s really good – give it a try…