Rangemaster Classic 110 Electric Cooker

The Rangemaster Classic 110 range cookers evoke the idyllic image of the farmhouse kitchen, complete with obligatory AGA. However, it sneakily replaces it with the simplicity and practicality necessary for family life and suburban living. There’s no doubting it’s a very elegant piece of kit. The cooker comes complete with bevelled doors, stylish glass viewing windows and a handy chrome towel rail.  The Rangemaster Classic 110 Range Cooker delivers both beautiful looks and exceptional performance so I was excited when I finally took delivery of mine!

Versatile Ceramic Hob:

The hob comes with six hob plates. These include a warming plate, an extra-large plate for woks or casserole dishes and one versatile dual plate with small option. The hob heats quickly, lights up immediately and features warning lights so you’re always aware which one’s on!

Acres of Oven Space:

With two roomy ovens – one fan assisted – you have maximum cooking space. Christmas Dinner for 8? Not a problem! And, the flexibility to cook different meals or items at varying temperatures. There’s also a completely separate variable grill.

The Classic 110 left oven features a useful ‘Handyrack’ attached to the door. This swings out, allowing you to check cooking progress without having to remove your roast! There’s also is a handy storage drawer for baking trays.

Easy to Maintain:

The Rangemaster Classic 110 is further enhanced by pyrolytic liners in both ovens. These oxidise those fat splashes and brownie mix over spills, at extremely high heat in order to make it easier to clean right off. The ceramic hob is also incredibly easy to keep on top of. Once cooled, you can simply wipe away spills. Or, for more stubborn residues, a specialist hob cream or blade does the job in no time.

Energy Efficient:

The Rangemaster Classic 110 Electric Cooker is A-rated for energy efficiency and recommended by the Energy Savings Trust. It’s better for the environment – and for your electricity bills!

Is it Worth It?

At around £1800, this isn’t merely a cheap imitation of an AGA – merely an alternative choice. But, for larger families, or the prolific cooks amongst us, it’s a wise investment. It also has the added bonus that it looks superb – a real centre piece for the kitchen. Essentially, it’s something to base your kitchen décor around. There ARE cheaper range cookers, that’s a fact. However, with a Rangemaster, you’re buying from a trusted brand who are renowned for range cookers.  And, they are indeed part of the AGA group. The cheaper cookers don’t look anywhere as good as the Rangemaster and, on the whole you get what you pay for. However, there are a couple of snags. When paying this sort of money for a cooker, one would expect the door handles to be metal – not just the towel rail. In addition, the ‘Rangemaster’ painted logo on the back splashguard has worn off altogether. Perhaps I’m shallow, but I LIKED it. Sadly, markings on the dials for the hob, grill and ovens have all worn off too.

These are, however, my only gripes. I’m now so used to the great function of this cooker, I’d struggle to switch to something else.