Getting Your House Ready For Winter

The colder weather is already here, so it’s time to get the house ready for winter and these chillier months with these top tips.


The colder months are already here and according to the latest news reports, we’re in for an Arctic winter. With this in mind, a summer and spring ready home just won’t do. Now is the perfect time to start preparing your home for the cosier months ahead. Take a look at this great tips to help you get your house winter ready:


Forget About Summer Use Of The Garden

You might use your garden in winter for basic gardening, Bonfire Night, Halloween and perhaps some cosy al fresco gatherings. However, parts of your garden won’t be getting a look in over winter including some children’s toys, the trampoline, your barbecue, uncovered patio set and soft gazebo. You can cover the items over using waterproof coverings, or you could declutter the space by ditching broken or unused items and storing the rest in cheap self storage.


Ditch That Summer Wardrobe

We can all hope for an ‘Indian Summer’ but it looks unlikely so, get your swimming costumes, flip flops and floppy hats into cheap self storage and make room for chunky knits, winter coats and warm boots.


Get The Curtains Out

Thin curtains do the job in summer to maintain some privacy and to divert the sun’s rays at times. However, in winter thicker curtains are needed to keep the heat inside and reduce heating bills. Get your heavier curtains out of storage and pop summer linens into your London self storage to keep them fresh and safe until next year.


Forget About Mowing The Lawn

Tedious summer jobs like mowing the lawn and trimming the bushes are over for a few months at least. Phew! In the meantime large tools and pieces of equipment should be tucked up and put away safely in the garage or shed. If you don’t have room, you could put them into a local self storage facility where they can remain secure, dry and out of the way until your garden grows again next year.


Get Cosy

Winter is all about getting cosy indoors. That means all the thick throws, blankets, knits and quilts can come out of cheap self storage and come home to keep you warm and snug while the weather blows and chills outdoors.


Enjoy Your Outdoor Space

If you have a covered outdoor space there’s ample opportunity for you to enjoy movie-like nights outdoors with a little help from comfortable outdoor furniture, heat lamps, cushions and blankets.


Get Ready For Winter With Good Storage

Cheap self storage can help you enjoy your home more in winter, by providing ample space for you to store the items you don’t need. For a competitive amount of money per month you can keep seasonal items dry, safe and secure at your local self storage unit.